How to Change the Location of User Folders in Windows 10

Users’ folders are that specific folder, which is the default location for your download, pictures, music, links, favorites, contacts, etc. In Windows 10, they have been organized into the Libraries section, and the default location is always on the drive where the Windows is installed. In this post, we will show how you can change the location of User Folders in Windows 10.

How to Change the Location of User Folders in Windows 10

Change User Folders Location

Now, if you are using them to store all your documents, etc., you can lose it when your drive gets formatted.  Well, I am not telling you to stop using it, but Windows allows you to change the location of these folders.

  • Open File Explorer, and right-click on any of the folders available under Quick Access.
  • Select properties and then switch to the location tab.
  • There you get the option to choose another location on Windows 10 PC
  • Once you select, it will copy the complete data to the destination folder into that new location, and you are done.

Next time you store anything here, it will be available in the path you saved. You can change the folder location only using these methods and not by any other means.

Change Location using Libraries.

You can achieve similar results using the Libraries feature in Windows 10, but not for all the folders. Libraries allow you to change the location for Videos, Pictures, Camera Roll, Videos, and SavedPictures.

Open File Explorer. Then select one of the libraries and click on Properties option from the context menu. Here you can choose to add more folders to it, which helps you centralize all similar folders, but if all you want is to change location, then you need to add another folder and set it as the default location.

Click on the Add button, and then select a destination. Once the location appears in the Library Locations list, select it, and click on Set Save Location. You can then select the default folder, and then choose to remove it from the list.

The only drawback of this method is it doesn’t move any existing folder to a new location. You will have to manually keep a copy of it.

Make sure to follow only these two methods to change the user folder location in Windows 10. While you may use registry, it can be tricky.

We hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to change the location of the user folder easily.


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