How to mute all the sounds except the music being played on your system

It often happens that we want to listen to our favorite music while working, but it may happen that while you are enjoying your favorite track on your system, all of sudden some other sound plays due to some operation on your system, and this is quite irritating at times. Isn’t it?

Here is a small app using which you can easily get rid of this irritating scenario. SoundOff is a small utility; you can easily mute all the other sounds which are played as a part of your windows Sound Scheme while you choose to play the audio or video on your system.

Once downloaded the SoundOff setup you can run it to install and now you can access it from the system tray. SoundOff has an icon which resembles a lot to the default Volume icon in Windows tray, as shown below.

Mute all the default Windows sound while watching a video or listening to music on your system

Now when you are going to play a song or video on your system, simply mute all the other sounds by using the option in soundOff as shown below.

Turn off or Turn on the other sounds while listening to music or watching a video

Also if you want you can change the Sound Scheme of windows from the SoundOff itself. So, go ahead and get the SoundOff on your system now. Download SoundOff.

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