How To Open Windows Tools in Windows 11 (Administrative Tools)

What you knew as Administrative Tools in Windows 10 are now called Windows Tools in Windows 11. They help you get administrative tasks done and are composed of tools like the Command Prompt, Control Panel, PowerShell, etc. And with the new version, you may have doubts regarding how to open windows tools in Windows 11. We will guide you through the ways to do the same. In this version, Microsoft has put all these tools under one single folder called the Windows Tools.

How To Open Windows Tools in Windows 11 (Administrative Tools)

How To Open Windows Tools in Windows 11 (Administrative Tools)

The list includes tools like PowerShell, Run, Command Prompt, Services, Control Panel, Steps Recorder, etc. Let us tell you how to find them in Windows 11.

  • The Control Panel
  • Using Windows Search
  • From The Start Menu
  • File Explorer

You can use these tools with an administrative account only.

1] The Control Panel

Windows Tools Control Panel

The first method we will discuss is finding Windows Tools in Windows 11 via the Control Panel. For this, you have to click on the Start Menu and search for the Control Panel. When you see the Control Panel option pop up after the search, open it, and proceed to change the View by setting. Please set it to Large Icons. Once you have done that, you will be able to spot the Windows Tools shortcut.

2] Using Windows Search

Windows Tools Start Search

This method is a straightforward way to find the Windows Tools in Windows 11 when you need them the most! Start by pressing the Win + S keys together to open the Windows Search pane. You can also find it on the taskbar and open it from there. Once you have opened it, type either Windows Tools or just Tools in the search bar, and you will find what you were looking for. You can open the folder by clicking on it. Yes, it’s that easy!

3] From The Start Menu

Another alternative method to open the Windows Tools is from the Start Menu. Find the Start Menu on the taskbar and click on it. Then, go to All Apps, and you will see the Windows Tools folder towards the end of the programs list. Alternatively, you can even search for it in the Start Menu search bar. And, there is an alphabet view too, which can help you find the Windows Tools folder. Please press on the folder to open it.

4] Using The Windows Tools Path In File Explorer

This method is also a straightforward way to get to the Windows Tools folder in Windows 11, mainly if you often use File Explorer. Copy and paste the given path in the address bar of the File Explorer folder, and you are good to go! It is the physical location that represents the Windows Folder’s contents. Type this in:

%windir%\system32\control.exe /name Microsoft.AdministrativeTools

5] Create A Shortcut

This method will be a permanent solution for the quest of the Windows Tools in Windows 11, as a shortcut folder will exist, and you can place it wherever is convenient for you; the best way to go is the Desktop! Click on the Start Menu and open the Windows Tools as we described in point 3 from the list of all programs.

Then, proceed to press and hold the left mouse key on the Windows Tools folder. While you are pressing and holding the left mouse key, drag the folder to your desired location. The desktop is always an easy place to find it when you need it in a rush.

How To Open System Tools or Administrative Tools In Windows 10?

The best and fastest way to get to the Windows Tools folder in Windows 10 is via the Start Menu. For that, open the Start Menu and search for the Windows Tools folder on the Start search bar. Otherwise, every Windows Tools command has a run command which will lead you to that particular tool. Alternatively, finding the folder through the Control Panel is also an option, among many others.

How Can I Pin The Windows Tools Folder To The Taskbar?

Like creating a shortcut folder, pinning the Windows Tools folder to the taskbar is intelligent to avoid future chaos. The method is slightly challenging, as you can’t just right-click the folder and select Pin To Taskbar. In Windows 11, you will have to follow a different method, as if you do this, it will pin the shortcut to the classic Control Panel. The same thing will happen if you drag-and-drop the folder from the File Explorer to the Desktop. Follow this method to pin the Windows Tools folder to the taskbar:

  • Start by creating a regular shortcut as you would, either by Pin To Taskbar or the drag-and-drop method on the Desktop.
  • Then, right-click on the shortcut folder to view the Show More Options tab. Click on it.
  • Finally, select the Pin To Taskbar option. Now you have the Windows Tools folder on the taskbar.

We hope this article cleared your doubts and helped you figure out how to open Windows Tools in Windows 11.


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