How to play any video format in DreamScene ( Windows )

DreamScene in Windows lets you use video files as your desktop background. This means you do not need a player to run a video and you can enjoy full movie on your desktop. You can learn how to enable this in Windows from this tutorial.

Now the problem with DreamScene is that it does not support all video formats. It supports only WMV and MPG. Now many of us keep videos in AVI  or MP4 format because less fie size etc reasons.

Today when I wasnt able to use a  3GP video as DreamScene, out of frustration i just changed the file extension from .3GP to .WMV. Then I made a right click and set it as Desktop background, to mu surprise the video played nicely. Then I tried with other extensions like mp4, avi and all of them worked.

Below is a video demo 🙁 Direct link )

I am not sure how this worked but it seems if you have codecs installed for all these formats, it works. Just a guess though!!





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