How to play original Xbox game on Xbox 360 ?

Old time games are always missed no matter how much advanced version games we keep getting. I still miss the Mario games which I used to play all the time. So now if you have some Original XBox game which you want to play what do you do? You just cant do anything unless XBox people help you out.

These games cannot run because of the backward compatibility issues and good news is they are helping out. Games like  4×4 EVO 2,  AirForce Delta Storm, Aggressive Inline™,  Alias™,  Aliens versus Predator™ Extinction,  All-Star Baseball™ 2003,  All-Star Baseball™ 2005 can be played on Xbox 360 console .

Ok just one minute , Do you know what is backward compatibility ? Here is a small definition. We will take example of game here.

Games are made to work on specific hardware. Like say the computer of 1990 cannot play the games which is available now due to the hardware difference, similarly Old games cannot be played in new computers as it worked on different hardware. Right!!!

While surfing Xbox, I found they have listed 3 ways of doing it . If you want complete details you can follow the links before the description

There are three ways to obtain updates for your Xbox 360 console:

  • Update through Xbox LIVE®. : You need to be connected to internet and need to create a membership with XBox Live and then update your profile,following the addition of your Xbox LIVE membership, you may be asked to update the software on your console. Select “Yes” and wait for the update to finish. Now you can use the Original Xbox Game cd to play it. For more details check this link Update through Xbox LIVE®.
  • Burn a DVD or CD : Now if you don’t have broad band internet this step is for you. You just need to download a file from Xbox which can do the same thing what is done on the first choice above. Download the Backward compatibility File April Update (12 MB). Now you need to create an update cd or dvd. Follow the complete instructions at this link Make a Update DVD or CD.
  • Mail: If you are no mood of doing all the hassles in above two steps just order cd from Xbox Live Order a disc by mail from

This is an excellent work being done by XBOX to still make the old games compatible. There are lot of xbox original games available and many to come. Here are some resource you can check -:

I hope you enjoyed the post and get back to play your old cute games again.

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