How to power search Google with dates

Generally, when you need to search the latest post or news on some topic, you need to go to the Advanced search feature of Google search. There you can select the time range and search. But it takes time. But if you are a power user, Matt Cutt has explained a quick way to do it. Check the advanced search options page of Google, which is not commonly used. I will just break it a little more.

Google Search Based on Day Week and Month

How to power search Google with dates

  • Search for any topic, e.g. iPhone.
  • Now you will see a string in the address bar.
  • Add &as_qdr=d1 and hit go button again.
  • It will give you the result of iPhone topics Google indexed in the last 24 hrs.
  • Search Query in address bar looks like

Now, let’s break down the whole thing:

  • is the regular search string that appears.
  • We are adding &as_qdr=d1 . Here as_qdr is a parameter to which we assign d1.
  • as_qdr, according to Matt’s Guessing, is Advanced Search – Query Date range.
  • d1 stands for day 1 means the last 24 hrs.
  • & is to add the new parameter to the whole string

I tried doing more research and found many more options:

  • Last Week: as_qdr=w
  • Past Month : &as_qdr=m
  • Past 2 months : &as_qdr=m2 and so on.
  • Past 1 Year : &as_qdr=y . Past 2 year should be &as_qdr=y2 like months.

The best Matt explained was if you want to search which page got indexed in the last seven days for your site, try this one. Here I am using mine as an example.


Now, these queries work great when you are great at modifying them on the run. However, if you are not, click on Tools, and then you can select from the dropdown 24hrs, seven days, and so on. You can also choose a custom range.

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