How to Print on Cardstock with HP & Canon Printers

Printing on cardstock is similar to printing on any other paper. At least, technically, that is how it is since cardstock is also paper in the true sense. However, almost all printers have a special slot to place the cardstock.

Plus, the thickness of the cardstock and the paper quality varies and is unlike the regular paper sheet used for printing. These are also the reasons a printer treats cardstocks somewhat differently than regular papers.

Print on Cardstock with HP & Canon Printers

How To Print on Cardstock Easily

That apart, there are a few other aspects that one has to be wary of to be able to print on cardstock successfully even with the Best Printer for Cardstock. Read on to find out.

Turn on the printer and load the cardstock

The first thing for you to do will be to turn the printer on. The same applies to the computer that the printer is attached to. Next, load the cardstock. It’s best to remove the regular paper sheets before you place the cardstock. Also, make sure to slot the cardstock securely. You should also check to see there is enough ink to complete the printing job.

Select the cardstock option and set the margins

Start the printer app and select the cardstock option. Select the design that you wish to print and set the margins.

This is important else it might end up looking haphazard and won’t be of any use. If needed, use a regular ruler to measure the size of the cardstock so that you will know the exact size to select from the drop-down option on the computer.

Do a test run

This is always recommended, more so if you are using an expensive cardstock. Maybe you can consider printing in black and white to save on color ink. This way, you will know you are on the right track if things are fine, else there are some changes needed.

If the print turns out the way you have wanted, go on and complete the printing job. Else, you will have to go back and check the settings. The most common error committed is selecting the wrong size. So, make sure you are spot on with the settings here.

Few Tips To Keep In Mind When Printing Cardstock

  1. You might also want to refer to the printer manual or check the company website with the specific model number to see if there are any special instructions that apply to cardstock printing.
  2. Not all printers are able to deal with cardstocks of all thicknesses. So, check if there are any cardstock specifications that apply to the particular model of your printer. If the cardstock you are using exceeds the maximum specifications your printer can support, it can not only lead to an error in printing but can also damage the printer as well. For instance, if the media is too thick, it can lead to paper jams
  3. Sometimes, it might be worthwhile to print each media one at a time instead of letting the printer draw the media automatically. This way, not only will you have better control over the entire printing process, you will be able to detect if there are any misprints or other errors early enough to take corrective measures. This no doubt will be far better than detecting the errors if any, after your entire printing job is completed.


The thing to keep in mind while printing on cardstock is that it is still all about putting ink on paper. However, it’s just that the paper in this case is thicker and smaller than what the normal printing job requires. All that you need to make sure of is that your printer is able to deal with the thickness of cardstock you intend to use. Further, you should be very specific with the size of the cardstock while making sure you select the matching option. Follow the other guidelines mentioned above and you should be good to go.


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