How to quickly create base power point slides using Notepad

Lets say you need to create lot of slides for a presentation and you have all the main headings and sub points in your mind. Now if you try the regular way i.e

  • Open a new PPT
  • Add slides one by one
  • Add topics and Add points in that.
  • Then move up and down to add point.
  • If you need to refer some points which are in previous slides you again scroll up , see it , scroll down and then work again.

So probably you are doing nothing but wasting a lot of  time. You might make some excellent presentation but then at cost of time. Today I will be telling you alternate way of doing it. Through this technique you can create slides quickly and with all your points ready. No Kidding but first take a look at the picture.

Quickly create power point slides using notepad
Quickly create power point slides using notepad

Compare the notepad and the power point presentation you see in the image. All the 4 First lines namely Main Topic, Sub Topic1 and so on get converted to slides. Sub Sub Topic 1, Sub Sub Topic 2 becomes points under each of the slide created. Cool isnt it.

How do I do it ?

Its simple. Microsoft Office has used the power of Tabs to distinguish between header and points below it.This is similar technique I used for creating tables in One Notes quickly.

Step 1: Open the notepad and write all your headings first.

Step 2: Press enter and then tab under every topic and write your sub points. If you want to create another sub point press tab again and enter.

Step 3: Save the notepad. Then right click on the notepad and open with Power Point Application in Microsoft Office.

Here is a video for you to get the idea much better : ( LINK)

That’s it and you would see all the slides got created. As a matter of fact I had used this to created like 60% of my slides like this. In here you would be able to refer things very quickly. Use this technique for creating your base lay outs and save lot of time.


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