How to read Front page of Major news paper in the world

If you had ever wished to find what is on the front page of all news paper around the world, here is your chance to get a glance at them. Today’s Front Page from newseum is unique concept which brings you the front page of over 799 newspapers from 78 different countries around the globe.

Global news paper front page
Global news paper front page

You can click on any of them to see a larger image and read it like an actual newspaper but remember its just like a scanned page and not like an online newspaper.

Decatur newspaper front page
Decatur newspaper front page

I found this service very interesting. It is seriously amazing to see what news gets on the headlines and how much impact does global news makes on the front page in various countries.  For example most of the newspaper front page here is covered here with Michael Jackson Memorial News

Give Todays Front Page a try VIa Make Use of

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