How to recover deleted messages / email from account

Many a times you might want to recover a deleted email from your Outlook account even though you had deleted this intentionally thinking it will be of no use to you. does makes this possible by giving you a chance to recover them unless its too old. To recover deleted messages follow the steps below :

  • Go to Deleted folder in your account, and scroll down till the end.
  • Right where the list of deleted emails end, you should have a link which says “Lost a message? When you recover deleted messages, we bring back as many as we can. Learn more”
  • Click on that and you will see deleted messages appear in your list.

Recover Deleted Messages from Outlook

Few things you should know :

This feature does not guarantee that all your deleted messages will be recovered. Outlook clears of deleted emails from time to time, so if you try to recover in a period before that, chances are that you would get the email back.

This feature is enabled by default for every account, but if you do not see it, go to Mail Settings > Advanced Privacy Settings > Deleted Messages, and enable it.  If this was the option that was selected for you, you will not be able to get any mails deleted prior enabling this feature.

Outlook Deleted Messages Settings


Important : This feature doesn’t work for child accounts. This way, parents can be confident that when they delete messages from their children’s accounts, they stay deleted.

The Advanced Privacy Settings screen, also gives you option to choose how Auto Complete Suggestions feature can suggest you to add people whom you often communicate with, together.  It can be coming only from your contact list or anybody whom you have communicated ever. It’s a good option to choose the first option i.e. contact and non-contacts, as it will help you find those uncommon people easily.

Conclusion :

I don’t see a point of deleting any email with so much of space already available these days. So my recommendation is that you hit the delete button if you really really feel its of no use. However if you have slightest possibility that the email may be required, just archive it.


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