How To Reinstall Mouse Driver in Windows 11/10

One of the most important input devices of a computer, aside from its keyboard, is the mouse. This hardware component allows you to select, open, or execute objects found on your computer screen. Although using this device is quite easy, there are instances when certain issues can occur which will need the reinstallation of its drivers. This article shows you the different ways of how to reinstall the mouse driver in Windows 11/10 easily and quickly.

What Causes an Issue in a Mouse Driver?

Various reasons can cause issues in mouse drivers. A few of them can be, Hardware Conflicts, Mouse is not connected correctly, Software or driver conflict, Mouse driver outdated or missing, Outdated USB driver, and Other USB driver issues. Check for all of them one by one until your issue is solved.

How To Reinstall Mouse Driver in Windows 11/10

How To Reinstall Mouse Driver in Windows 11/10

The mouse drivers are used to set up the mouse on a computer. Windows has mouse drivers on the system, so you typically don’t need external drivers to set up a mouse. However, you may need to reinstall these drivers if the files are accidentally deleted or corrupted.

The following methods are used to reinstall the mouse driver:

  1. Reinstall using Device Manager
  2. Install from OEM Website
  3. Reinstall using Windows Update

You will need an admin account to install the driver. Also, when you uninstall the driver, you will need to use the keyword to navigate through the interface.

1] Reinstall using Device Manager

At first, you will have to uninstall the mouse driver in Windows 10 to solve the issue. You can use the following methods to reinstall the mouse driver:

  • Click Windows Key+ X or Right-click on Start > Open Device Manager from the menu list.How To Reinstall Mouse Driver in Windows 11/10
  • A list of all the installed devices on your system will appear on your screen.
  •  Double-click Mice and other pointing devices to expand the list.
  • Right-click on the mouse driver you want to uninstall. Select the Uninstall device option.Uninstall Mouse Driver From Device Manager
  • Ensure that the box next to Delete the Driver Software for This Device should not be checked. This will enable the Operating System to automatically reinstall the driver on your system when you restart your computer.
  • Click on the Uninstall button in the dialog box.
  • Restart your computer ( Press ALt + Ctrl + Del and then use the TAB on your keyboard to select the power button, and then choose to restart)

This will likely get your mouse driver installed back. If the new driver is not installed or installed but not working correctly, follow the steps below.

2] Install from OEM Website

download mouse driver

The above method should have installed the OEM driver. However, if the new driver is not installed or installed but not working correctly, you can do the following.

Look at your mouse or the mouse box to determine the OEMs name. Then get the OEM website, and locate the product. Along with the information about the product, OEMs also list the drivers.

Click on the download link, and save it on the computer. These are set-up files that you can double-click to install on the computer.

You can also follow our guide on taking a backup of the currently installed driver if you need it again.

3] Reinstall using Windows Update

Install Driver Updates Windows

  • Open Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update
  • Look for a link—View optional updates under the update button.
  • In the next Windows, expand the Driver Updates. It may have a list of updates available. You can choose to install it if you are facing an issue manually.

How Do I Completely Remove a Mouse Driver From Windows?

Because the Windows 10 operating system uses the automatic backup feature, you cannot completely remove your computer’s drivers that are already in place. To locate and remove your mouse driver, you need to open the Device Manager, which is the main interface for managing all the computer’s hardware. In the Device Manager, locate the mouse driver and uninstall it. Follow the directions given at the beginning regarding the removal of the Mouse driver.

Do You Need To Install the Drivers for a Gaming Mouse, or Can You Plug It In?

Installing the drivers for a gaming mouse is not necessary. It depends on the type you have. If your mouse only has the basic buttons, you shouldn’t need them. But if it has all sorts of fancy buttons, you may have to install them.

Do Bluetooth Mice Install Drivers? If Not, What Driver Do They Use?

The installation of drivers within Bluetooth mice depends on your operating system. There is a standard protocol for mice to use with Bluetooth, but if the mouse has additional features, extra buttons, etc., there may be a driver installed. Most operating systems add drivers for the Bluetooth host bus adapter and then connect devices that support the Bluetooth profiles. Typically, mice use the HID Profile (Human Interface Device), which is part of the Bluetooth specifications. If you need drivers, you can download them from the manufacturer’s website, but that type of driver surely includes a USB receiver you need to plug into your PC.

By the following methods, you can successfully reinstall your mouse driver. I hope this post will help you reinstall the mouse driver in Windows 10.

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