How to remove Gmail’s Smart Labels

Gmail recently introduced two new Smart Filters, Notifications and Bulk which declutters your inbox from email that usually comes from Forums, Backup Notifications, Twitter Follower notifications, Promotional emails etc.Though on one hand this helps a lot but if you don’t often check these labels, it is likely that you might miss out some important emails which I did the last week.

One way to fix this is regularly check them for couple of days and make theme even smarter by removing emails from there so it comes to your inbox but if you aren’t ready for any surprises you can either delete them or disable them completely.

To disable Smart Label Completely :

Go to Mail Settings > Labs  and search for Smart Labels. Select the disable radio button and you are done.

Disable Smart Labels from Gmail Labs

How to Disable some of the smart labels :

Go to your Mail Settings > Filters and delete the filters  named as Forums, Bulk, Notifications and Promotions. Done this your next step is remove the labels also which is applied to the emails by these filters. Switch to Labels Tab and remove the same. Remember Gmail will only remove labels from those emails and will not delete it.

Remove Filters from Gmail

Your next obvious step is to type “is:unread” in the search box and find if you missed any of the emails.

I am not sure but since I removed the labels and filters manually instead of disabling, I did not get back the filters even when I re enabled it. So just make sure you remove what you do not need.


  1. I would like to turn off labels all together but when I go to SETTINGS > LABELS then search for smart labels I go back to the gmail home page and do not see the enable disable screen. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong please. Stan.Vines

  2. It has been very useful, but I would like to receive some more help.

    I have this new Gmail function in my account, but I have never activated it, and I would prefer to disable. The problem has come when, following your instructions, I saw in my configuration of Labels that it was marked the option “Disable” from before, but in my inbox the emails are collocated in this labels, so is not really disabled. Do you know what maybe have happen? I tried to look for a contact email with Gmail workers, but I don’t find it, what can I do?
    Thank you and sorry for my english skills if there are some mistakes

  3. Doesn’t work for me. I don’t have any filters for the irritating smart labels so I’ve tried to disable them. Didn’t work. I even tried taking the check out of the smart labels under labs. Still didn’t work. UGH!!! I HATE THIS I WANT IT TO STOP GET IT OUT OF MY GMAIL!!!!

  4. This does NOT turn off smart labels! Apparently there is no way to turn them off and I can’t stand them! They waste my time because I have to untick each and every email I receive that the stupid program smart labels has labeled and then add MY label I’ve made to each email. I wish gmail would listen to those of us who can’t stand this irritating feature and make it so there is a way for us to switch it off! Gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr!


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