How to Remove Image Background Using Paint App in Windows

Removing background images is essential to photo editing, and several tools are available. Windows now has a built-in feature for removing image backgrounds using the Paint app, eliminating the need to rely on or download third-party tools. If you’re curious about how to use this feature, read on to learn how to remove image background using the Paint app in Windows.

How to remove Image Background using Paint app in Windows

How Do You Remove an Image Background Using the Paint App in Windows?

Removing background images using Paint is easy, as Microsoft has added an option in the latest Paint app. Here is how you can use it:

  • First, launch Paint.
  • Then, open any image for which you want to remove its background.

remove background paint

  • Next, beside the Selection tool, you will see a new Remove Background tool. Click on it, and the image’s background will be removed within seconds.

paint background image removed

  • Once done, save your image, and you are all done.


The new Removing the background image feature in the Paint app is undoubtedly great. You can now use this basic app for low-level photo editing or take your graphic designing and creative needs to a different level.

Alternate: Remove the Background of a Photo With Paint 3D

If you want to go for a higher level of editing, Paint 3D app would be the perfect choice. It is a free-to-download app on the Microsoft Store that allows you to remove background images easily. Here is how you can use it:

  • First, launch the Paint 3D app on your PC.
  • Click on Open > Browse and select the image you want to edit.

paint d open image

  • From the top bar or sidebar, click on Magic Select.

magic select image paint d

  • Next, click on Next from the right pane, and it will automatically select the area that can be made transparent.

remove background image paint d

  • Click on the Remove option > Done, and it will immediately create a transparent image.

final background image remove paint d

  • Next, you can copy the image and paste it to another app or create a new canvas and paste the image there.

Which Is Better: Paint or Paint 3D To Remove Background Images?

Paint 3D is a better choice than the Paint app for removing background images as it comes with some of the advanced features that the usual Paint app lacks.

Using Paint 3D, you can access more sophisticated selection tools, including the Magic Select tool, simplifying the background removal process. Additionally, it supports transparency, enabling users to save images with transparent backgrounds. So you can easily place your transparent image on any background you like. It also offers you 3D modeling capabilities and more.

However, the Paint app would be a better choice if you are looking for a basic-level and straightforward option for image background removal.

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How to Update Paint App on Windows?

You can easily update the Paint app by going to the Microsoft Store, searching for the app, and clicking on it. After that, on the left side of the screen, you will find the Update button below the Open button. You are already running the latest Paint app if you don’t see an update button.

How Do I Open an Image in Paint in Windows 11?

You can open an image in Paint in three ways. First, go to File > Open and select your image. Alternatively, you can launch Paint and copy and paste the image you want to edit. You can also right-click, select Open with, and then choose the Paint app from the list of apps.


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