How to remove multiple Windows entries from Boot Menu

When you install multiple version of Windows, it creates an extra entry during the Bootup. It helps you selecting the right OS to boot. If you plan to remove one of the versions, and want to make it simple, then here is a simple trick to remove multiple Windows entries from Boot Menu.

Usually, this may happen when you are upgrading Windows, and the old entry remains. The first one is one which you had recently installed. The other is the one you were using before the upgrade. Each of these menus should be saying “Windows 10 on Volume 2” or “Windows 10 on Volume 4” where numbers can change.

How to remove multiple Windows entries from Boot Menu

Since you chose to upgrade and most of the files are in the OS which you just upgraded, it makes sense to remove it from the installation. Now you may think of formatting the drive where it is installed but doing that will never fix the boot menu issue. So to fix this, we will use the age-old trick to remove it.

  • Type MSCONFIG on your run prompt and hit enter.
  • It will launch the System Configuration. Now switch to Boot Tab.
  • Here, you should see two Windows installation. Now depending on the drive where the previous Windows was installed, select it. Make sure to double cross and choose the correct one.

Windows 8 Boot Menu Editor

  • Once sure, hit the delete button and check the option which says “Make All boot settings permanent.”
  • Exit and restart your computer to check if it worked.

Again, make sure you are removing the correct older installation else it will be challenging to bring back the new installation.

What if you accidentally deleted the new Windows installation?

Do not panic if you did so. The process has removed the entry, and not remove any of your files. So all you need to do is remap the boot entry. You will have to try out bcdboot tool to fix this.

  • Boot your computer into advanced recovery mode.
  • Then locate command prompt under troubleshooting
  • Type Bcdboot C:\Windows.

It will add the existing Windows to the Boot menu. Reboot your computer, and it should be available.



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