Periodically check Shared Links of Dropbox Files to save yourself from Embarrassment

Dropbox allows you to share files and folders even publicly even if one doesn’t have a Dropbox account.  It is possible that with time you have shared lot of files but forgotten. Now what happens is if you add any personal file or document into that folder, it becomes accessible to anybody who still have that public url. I am sure you don’t want your personal files or photos to be available to everybody.

How to create Shareable Link of any Dropbox Folder

Also as most of the Dropbox users add files from the computer or mobile application itself and with no warning method from Dropbox about this, it is almost impossible for us to track.  However you can manually check for shared links from the Dropbox Website.

  • Login to your Dropbox Web Account,  ( You can right-click on the Dropbox Icon on your Computer and select Launch Dropbox Website )
  • Select Sharing Tab > Linked Items.
  • This will have the list of files and folders which is publicly available  with information about date when it was created.
  • Click on the Remove link and Confirm so the public link can be removed.

Remove Shared Link of Dropbox Files and Folde

You should perform this check periodically to save yourself from any kind of embarrassment.


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