How to remove stored username from web browsers

Imagine a case when you are trying to login your email account in the web browser, and accidently, after entering your username you start typing your password and finally you end up hitting the ‘enter’ key as well. Now, after realizing your mistake you take proper steps and sign in to your account, but the string you entered by mistake in your username field, gets stored in your browser, and next time whenever somebody click on the username field, he/she gets your username and password right in front.

how to delete the usernames stored in browsers

Or another case is when you have used services like Bug Me Not to bypass the compulsory web registrations, in such case several usernames and passwords are remembered by your browser, and clicking on the username filed will drop down several usernames, which is pretty irritating (at least for me).

If you too hate this, and want to delete some usernames from your browser, here is a simple method to do this, simply click on the username field, drop down list appears, use arrow keys to highlight the username you want to delete, and now either use the ‘Delete’ or ‘Shift+Delete’ button to get rid of it.

I have tried this on IE, Firefox and Chrome, works fine; hopefully it works with other browsers as well. I am sure many people knew this, but I came to know about it today only and thinking that there might be people like me I came up with this post.


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