How to remove syncing between Online and Desktop OneNote

Office OneNote is now on the web which you can see as soon as you login to your Skydrive account. Getting it online has one big advantage that you can sync it online as you edit it on your desktop but what if you want to stop syncing or completely break the relationship with the online file ?

There are two ways of doing it either by downloading it completely as different file so there is no sync set at all or if you had already opened it and in between want to break all you need is to change the location.

  •  Go to BackStage File Menu and click on Settings > Properties.
  • Look for a button which says “Change Location”. If this is the online version you had opened you will see an online skydrive url by default.
  • Once you save it using the change location button, the sync link is broken forever.

OneNote Web App Sync Break


  1. Hey Ashish, thanks for the info!
    My problems is slightly different. I want to break the relationship from my offline notebooks. They are in my office laptop and I am leaving the company. i am worried that as the IT guys format it, my online notebooks will be lost after syncing.
    Please help!!!


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