How to remove useless pre-installed software from new Windows Machine

Many laptop or desktop vendors when they sell you pre loaded windows machines they also load unnecessary softwares that are mostly not required and chances are you dont even get to know about it unless the machine gets delivered at your door step.

PC Decrapifier, like the name says has a list of these software and helps you remove them one by one from your new Windows machine. Since the release of Windows 7 I have heard many of the readers complaining about it many a times. The biggest disadvantage of these softwares is that not only make your computer slow but also take up space making your computer look more of junk than doing useful.

Select list of applications you wish to remove

I would also recommend you to talk to the vendor when you order a new windows machine to not to install any extra software. You can make a request and I think they should agree to that. However if they dont just download PC Decrapifier and remove them in on shot.


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