How to rename multiple files in different directory

Renaming Files is one of the hottest topic we always talk about here and this is probably of the most wanted topic when somebody transfer files from camera or from dvd where names are like IMG_001 or track01 etc etc.

The basic problem in renaming files are :

  • You want to rename files available in multiple folders separated into different partitions.
  • You want to mass edit them not just one by one. People need sometime before they finally commit on the name.
  • A little bit of automation.

Though we had talked about utility scoping to Rename boring digital images to taken dates and Powerful rule based batch file Renamer but Caterpixer takes on all of them. This tool has all the feature which I just talked above and is best of all the batch file renamer we had seen till now.

File Renaming Features :

  • – Recursively rename all files in sub-folders.
  • – Adding file index position to the file names.
  • – Adding file creation date to the file names.
  • – Adding modified orignal file names – all numbers are replaced with letters.
  • – Adding text note to the file names.
  • – Adding parent folder name to the file names.
  • – View file renaming history.

Read More features and Download Caterpixer


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