How to restore deleted applications to iTunes

Many a times after deleting a purchased application from iTunes you must have though sometime that you should have kept it and now since its gone you will have to download again.  There are two ways to restore deleted apps even if you deleted it permanently from your iTunes. In case you have deleted it to recycle bin using the first procedure else follow the second step.

Restoring from Recycle Bin and Media Folder

Now while deleting any application, iTunes asks if you want to move it to recycle bin or delete permanently. In case you have moved it to recycle bin you still have a chance to restore it to iTunes back.

  1. Go to Recycle bin > Find the application which might be ending with .ipa for example.
  2. Right Click restore.
  3. Now find the iTunes media folder location which you can see in iTunes > Preferences > Advanced.
  4. Open the folder and locate the same file again.
  5. Drag and drop into iTunes and you are done.

iTunes Restore Apps

Restoring from iPad / iPod / iPhone

Now if you deleted it from iTunes but you still have it on your device if you haven’t deleted it from there. Follow the steps below :

  • Connect your device to computer / mac
  • Now start iTunes and your device should be listed.
  • In case your iTunes starts syncing, cancel it.
  • Now right click on the device listed in iTunes and select Transfer Purchases.
  • This will bring the deleted application back to iTunes.

In case you have deleted from your device but your iPhone /iPad / iPod syncs to multiple device, you can restore from there and move it to the computer you want.

Transfer purchases in iTunes


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