How to restore the deleted files from your Computer

There are several tools to restore the files which were mistakenly deleted. I just found this tool, RESTORATION, which can restore the deleted files. RESTORATION is a free utility and not a new one, but I found it pretty impressive, have a look at the features, listed below.

Features of RESTORATION –

  • Standalone application.
  • A very small .zip download is required (164 KBs).
  • Works pretty fast, it took around 63 seconds to scan a 50GBs partition, which produced a list of 18018 deleted files (on Windows 7, 3GB RAM and Intel Core2Duo 2.0GHz processor).
  • The user interface is pretty simple, as shown above, you just have to select the drive you want to scan, using a dropdown menu, specify the filename or part of it (not necessary though), check/uncheck the parameters, click on ‘Search Deleted Files’, if found the file you are hunting for, simply click on ‘Restore by Copying’.
  • I tried recovering some PDF and image files and it worked fine.
  • Works fine on all versions of Windows (even with Windows 7).

To read more about RESTORATION you can try the download page

However there is no guarantee when it comes to restoring a file using any application, the time span between deletion and restoration process, and the size of the file, both these parameters are inversely proportional to the probability of getting a file restored.

Give it a try if you need a utility to recover deleted files.


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