How to save Images in Outlook mail with a right click

In Office Outlook  we don get a direct option where you can just do a right click and save it at least not directly. But there is a way to save images with a right lick and this is how you do it.

Saving images in outlook

Saving images in attachment

Save images within mails in Outlook

Saving Images within the mails.

But why is it designed in this manner is what we should understand. In my view its more user friendly to view images in this format rather than what we see in standard email and here is why.

When you get a long email which has lot of images and attachments you need to scroll down a lot. Its worth scrolling down if the images have related text but if I am sharing with you my birthday pics it doesn’t make sense to scroll down endlessly.

And once I have read the mail, I would just like to see the images alone but I still have to scroll down.

Secondly the attachments, generally,  are found at the end. Which again doesn’t make sense. Sometime I would like to see the attachment directly.

This is why Mails in Outlook are completely different animals.  Any mail which is seen in Outlook has 2 + n number of sections where n is the number of images in the mail including the attachments.

Sections of Outlook Mail
Sections of Outlook Mail

if you see the image above, you can understand that how easy it is to switch between text, images and attachments in the mail. All image attachment can be preview one by one right there without scrolling. And if you want to save any of the image you need to do a right click on the attachment icon and save it.

Now imagine if you have word document as attachment or a text file. When you click on it, it displays the content right there without you to launch word ( You need to have document viewer installed for it ).

A right click on image to save it instead of just giving copy option, like Amit Said,  would have been a good  idea  but this is the right way to save images in Office Outlook which is much more convenient and doesnt require any extra step.


  1. @Amit : I would agree to that partially. It actually depends on Email Creator tool how it sends a mail. Some of the tools just send as attachment so even inline images work that way. But yes You are right. If its pure inline image it will not work as it will never show up as attachment right there.

    I have found a macro which can do this job well for people who use Outlook. I have posted on it and people can now skip any extra step and just use one button to this job.


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