How To Scan and Save Documents in Windows 11/10

Scanning has become more common these days. It can be a handwritten document, something you painted or drew on paper. You may also want to scan a book into a searchable PDF.  While phone cameras work when you need to do it quickly, for anything more, we have scanners. One can use them to scan documents and put them in digital format on our system. Even though a great piece of tech, scanners still need great software to go along and reach their full potential.  In this post, we will share software that can scan and save documents in Windows 11 and Windows 10

scan and save Windows 11/10

How To Scan and Save Documents in Windows 11/10

Several scanner apps are available on the market to go through, so we took some time and made a list of some of the best free ones available.

  1. NAPS2 Document Scanner Software
  2. CloudScan Scanner Software
  3. Windows Scan
  4. Windows Fax and Scan
  5. PaperScan Software

Each software has its advantage and drawbacks. So choose what works best for you.

1] NAPS2 Document Scanner Software

This tool is a PDF scanner, in fact, but one that’s loaded with features. Simple-to-use and humble features are all about this tool, like changing the contrast and brightness of images. You can scan with a quick single click, or if you are happy with simple technology that’s easy to learn, then NAPS2 is made for you. The tool enables the custom ordering of pages and custom image-processing features.

Key Features of NAPS2

  • One-click scan
  • All File formats supported
  • Integrated with WIA and TWAIN
  • Auto-rotation of images
  • OCR tool supports over 1000 languages

How to scan and save documents in Windows 11/10


  • Intuitive GUI.
  • Easy-to-understand and straightforward functionality
  • The dashboard feature is the best
  • No ads
  • Supports over 1000 languages with the OCR
  • User-friendly and free of cost
  • Allows multiple scans to create PDFs
  • Supports different image formats
  • Contains special tools for power users and businesses


  • It doesn’t have an image straightening feature
  • The interface is too simple for corporate companies
  • Only available in Windows
  • Program crashes occasionally

Download NAPS2 Document Scanner 

2] CloudScan Scanner Software

CloudScan scanner software is an excellent tool for scanning multiple format documents and pictures quickly and easily. You can use this easily on the computer through a simple interface. It is perfect for printing documents from web pages.

Key Features of CloudScan:

  • Quick and straightforward scan technology
  • Works with TWAIN-compatible printers
  • Document-sharing with shared networks
  • Easy color configuration
  • One-click scan available
  • Easy to develop hard copies of printed documents

Scanworks Software Scan Image


  • Using a CloudScan network scanner over any browser is a plus.
  • User-friendly GUI.
  • No setup is required.
  • Can read any invoice layout.
  • Easy settings.
  • Page manipulations are available to rotate, delete, drag & drop documents.
  • Image enhancement capabilities for better quality images.


  • Features are too basic.
  • Tough to find the settings tab.
  • Too expensive and pricing tier not modeled right.

Download CloudScan 

3] Windows Scan

Windows Scan is a scanner software built by the Microsoft organization and is relatively lightweight and easy to install and use. This app will cover all of the basic needs of a user. Whether you are trying to scan images and posters or multi-page documents, this software will cover you all the time and integrate well with a flatbed scanner for image processing.  Built by the Windows OS creators means that it is fully compatible with it and will offer a seamless experience.

Key Features of Windows Scan:

  • A large number of output options are available.
  • Can choose a specific place to save your files.
  • Can preview and specifically select part of a photo to scan.

Windows Scan Microsoft Store App


  • Seamless Integration in Windows OS.
  • Small file size.
  • Easy to use simple user interface.


  • A limited number of features.
  • Only available in Windows.

Download WindowsScan 

4] Windows Fax and Scan

Windows Fax and Scan comes built-in with Microsoft’s Windows OS and is reasonably simple to use scanner software. It was first released in Windows Vista as a replacement of Windows XP’s Fax Console and is available for all versions of Windows.

Key Features of Windows Fax and Scan:

  • Use it to send and receive fax & scanned documents
  • Supports scan of documents from scanners in a single click
  • Most suitable for text-based documents.

Windows Fax and Scan App


  • Built-in Windows OS removes any installation hurdles.
  • GUI is user-friendly and suitable for newbies.
  • Supports scanned fax documents.


  • Relatively limited features as it was created almost a decade ago.
  • Only available in Windows.

5] PaperScan Software

PaperScan is a free scanner software that is fully packed with advanced features for users with an easy-to-use interface and offers auto-optimization of images. It provides different interfaces such as TWAIN and WIA. With this software, you can use old scanners, i.e., legacy scanners, or old devices like video-capture cards and old digital cameras.

Key Features of PaperScan Software:

  • Supports different file formats such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc.
  • Integrated TWAIN and WIA interfaces.
  • Optimizes the images for filters, color correctness, etc
  • PDF encryption and Duplex Scanning.

Paper Scan App Windows


  • Free version available.
  • PDF encryption.
  • Supports more than 30+ languages.
  • Compression support for PDF and OCR.


  • Cloud integration is not suitable to use.
  • Lack of features in the free version.
  • Too many ads.

Download PaperScan Software 

Gone are the days of pouring over heaps of documents and scanning them one-by-one. Using document scanner software not only reduces the paperwork but also helps save the environment. These tools can work like magic for you and your enterprise, whether high-volume scanning or indexing and routing the documents to the right platforms; these tools can work like magic for you and your enterprise!

I hope this post will surely help you to scan and save Windows 11 and Windows 10.

How Can I Scan a Document Into a Computer Without a Scanner?

To scan a document into your computer, you can use your mobile phone as a scanner and transfer the files to your computer. Here are mainly two methods to achieve this:

Camera: Take a photo of your document using the camera built into your phone or tablet and transfer it to your computer.

Scanner Apps: Mobile devices or tablets can be used as document scanners. This app converts your photos into PDFs or other similar files like what you do when you take a picture.

You can install apps on your phone that are made to scan documents, and that will convert your mobile or tablet’s camera into a document scanner and convert the image to PDF. The most famous of these apps are Adobe Scan.

Is It Possible To Scan Multiple Documents at Once, or Do I Have To Scan Them Individually?

Unfortunately, you have to scan one document at a time as there is no way to scan multiple documents at once using a scanner or mobile camera. However, some of the applications offer burst mode to scan documents one after the other and edit them in the end.

What Is the Best Way To Convert My Documents Into PDF Files?

You can convert any document into PDF format and vice-versa using online tools such as Small PDF. Upload your file and select the desired format you want to convert to, and it will get you your file in that format in less than a minute.

What is the best way to remotely scan a document to a computer?

You can scan the document on your computer and then mail it to the other computer and vice-versa. Or you would need a multifunction printer capable of scanning a file in a remote location.

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