How to Search and Get Only Video Files in File Explorer of Windows

Are you tired of manually searching for videos on your computer? Do you understand how Windows searches for video files in File Explorer? Generally speaking, your Windows PC contains a large quantity of files. In this case, you would want to know how to search for a specific video file type in Windows File Explorer.

So, finding all the videos on your PC hassle-free is possible. We have formulated a few methods to find all the videos on your Windows PC.

How to Search and Get Only Video Files in File Explorer of Windows

Before you begin trying out the methods, you must pre-configure the Show Hidden Files feature before searching for video files since Windows lets you conceal things you do not wish to be discovered. Follow the steps given below:

  • Type show hidden files into the Windows search bar, and click on Show hidden files in file explorer.

Show Hidden File Search Menu

  • it will take you to Privacy & Security > For Developers
  • Toggle on the option Show hidden & system files

Enable Show Hidden Files Windows

  • In the File Explorer Option pop-up windows, click the radio button next to Show hidden files, folders, and drivers. Click Apply, and then OK to apply the setting. This will enable you to search for video files on your Windows PC.

Show Hidden Files Folders and Drivers

Find All Your Videos Using the Search Bar in File Explorer

The File Explorer (Windows Explorer) application is the method most frequently used to look for files in Windows. You can easily search for a specific file using the search box in File Explorer. You can also perform a general or targeted video search using the file name or the video format. Here is how to:

Search for All Video Files

You can search for all the videos on your PC via the search bar in your File Explorer. Here is how you do it:

  • Click the Windows key + E to open File Explorer. Next, click This PC. Type kind:video in the search box at the top right corner of File Explorer, and press Enter.
  • File Explorer will scan your computer for videos and display them all.

Display Videos Only via File Explorer

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Search for Video Files by File Name

You can perform a name-based search if you know the video file’s name. You can save a lot of time using this function. This is how you search for video files by file name:

  • Open File Explorer and type file name kind:video in the search bar and press Enter.

Note: Replace the file name with the actual file name of the video.

Find Videos via File Name in File Explorer

  • Wait for the search process to get over, and the specific video file will be displayed on the screen.

Search for Video Files by Video Format

You can find video files with a certain format using the File Explorer search box and find all videos and a specific video by file name. Here is how to search for files by video format:

To search for and view all videos in the chosen format, type ext:video format into the File Explorer search box. For instance, you may type ext:MP4 in the search box to exclusively find MP4 videos.

Find Videos via File Format in File Explorer


You can quickly find all the files on your PC using the search bar in File Explorer. However, there are times when this program displays many results, which can be extremely confusing. So, apply any of the methods discussed in the article if you only want to search for video files.


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