How to see preview of any YouTube Video

Watching a long YouTube video spoils the experience if at the end you find that video was incomplete or this was not something you were looking for. For YouTube videos if you want to watch parts of videos the only way is to keep dragging the progress bar by a certain time to see find out details. However this method is itself time consuming but good news is that there is a Chrome Extension which can help you get a preview of parts of  videos when you mouse hover.

Lets understand how it works :

When uploading any video in YouTube, the software behind YouTube generates set of thumbnails which also can be chosen as default image by the default uploader. The extension takes advantage of this and pulls all the thumbnails and displays it for you. Below is a video of how it works :

You can download this extension from here.

Here is an extra trick but limited.

  • Go to your Facebook Wall
  • Click on Add Link and paste the URL of the YouTube Video.
  • Dont share it yet.
  • Facebook will automatically generate preview which is limited to 4.
  • You can click on the left right arrow to see the preview.

The only advantage is you can see upto four previews here.

YouTube Preview on Facebook



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