How to See Who Blocked You on Facebook?

The blocking feature is among the most often used tools on all social media sites. Although each social media blocking option differs slightly from the others, they all address the same issue. Facebook allows users to block other users by using the Block feature.
But, you will not get a notification on Facebook when someone blocks you, so you are unaware of the situation. So, how can you find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook?

How to See Who Blocked You on Facebook

How to See Who Blocked You on Facebook?

Given below are four methods you can use to check who blocked you on Facebook:

  1. Checking for Facebook Block
  2. How to Get Confirmation If You Have Been Blocked
  3. What to Do if You Have Been Blocked
  4. Tips for Preventing Blockage

Be aware that if someone unblocks you, it will take more than 24 hours before you both see the profile.

1] Checking for Facebook Block

Being blocked and being unfriended both have similar effects and consequences. Therefore, you must take the following actions to determine if you have been blocked rather than unfriended.

Facebook Search:

When you type the name of the person you are looking for and when they do not appear in the search results, there could be a possibility that they might have blocked you.

Search Facebook to Check if Someone Has Blocked You

Facebook Messenger:

If you have Facebook Messenger, you can use this tool to determine whether you have been blocked. When you open the conversation in the Messenger chat box, you will find a message saying This person is unavailable on Messenger.This Person is Unavailable on Messenger

Also, if you manually type the person’s name and search for them, their chat box will not appear.

Another way to check is via Group. Suppose you were a part of any group on Messenger. In that case, you can open the group chat box, click on the group members’ names, click on the three-dot menu next to the person who may have blocked you, and try accessing their profile by clicking on the View profile option from the context menu.

View Profile of Facebook Friend Who Might Have Blocked You

If they have blocked you, you a screen showing that This content isn’t available right now will appear.

Cannot Find a person On Messenger

Tag in Posts:

You are undoubtedly aware that Facebook tags are frequently used to identify friends. It might be a picture or a post you want to dedicate to them. Therefore, if you cannot search for or tag them, your friend may have blocked you on Facebook.

Friend’s List:

To view your Friends list, sign in to your Facebook account, locate Friends, and click See All Friends.Choose See All Friends From Your Facebook Profile

After that, tap on All Friends and type their name into the search bar to find them.Search in Friends List to Check If a Person Has Blocked You

If their name appears, they have not blocked you. If not, you may have been blocked. Do not assume someone has blocked you if you do not see their name on your Friends list. Perhaps they deleted their account, which would result in similar results.

NOTE: Remember that all these pointers above are valid only if the person has blocked you, deleted their profile, or they have unfriended you. Not only because they have blocked you.

2] How to Get Confirmation If You Have Been Blocked

There are several methods that you can employ to find out and confirm whether or not you have been blocked on Facebook:

  • Enquire with a mutual friend: You can ask a friend who is mutual friends with you and the person who might have blocked you. Your friend can check whether or not he or she can see the profile from their Facebook account. If the mutual friend can see the profile, you can conclude that you have been blocked.
  • Make a new account: In this method, you can create a new account using a new E-mail ID and password. After creating the new account, you can search for someone who might have blocked you. You must use a combination of First Name, Last Name, and Location. If the profile is visible, you can confirm that you were blocked. If not, the person might have deactivated or deleted their account.
  • Using third-party applications: There are a couple of third-party tools that you can download and use to find people who might have blocked you, but note that these applications might not be accurate as most of these applications might not be approved by Facebook due to privacy factors. So, it is better not to rely on third-party applications as they cannot be trusted completely.

3] What to Do if You Have Been Blocked

So, once you have confirmed that you have been definitely blocked on Facebook, what should you do? It might not be such a good feeling, especially if you have done nothing wrong. So, it is better not to overthink and ruin your peace of mind, as it can be a simple misunderstanding.

So, before jumping to conclusions, gather your courage and ask the person who blocked you why they did it. It can lead to a mature and meaningful conversation, which may or may not clear any misunderstanding between the two.

4] Tips for Preventing Blockage

Given below are tips to save yourself from getting blocked on Facebook:

  • Stop posting and take a break: Avoid publishing a lot of content in a row. To prevent getting flagged as a spammer, wait a while between posts.
  • Posting offensive content: Always be aware of the type of content you post on Facebook. If you post triggering, sensitive content like harassment, nudity, etc., you might get blocked. If you have to post sensitive content, always trigger a warning so the viewers can decide whether or not to view the content.
  • Sending messages: Do not send too many messages to a person. You should always wait for their response and give replies accordingly. If you send several messages daily without waiting for their reply, they might feel annoyed and eventually block you.
  • Request permission before you add someone to a group: Always extend a request or invitation to join your group. Never extend an invitation without their consent.
  • Comment and like at a regular pace: Make sure you are not acting robotically when you like and comment on other users’ posts. This can identify you as a spammer. Ensure your likes and comments are sincere and thoughtful, not just for getting a response.
  • Only add friends who you know: Friend someone if you have formed a friendship with them and are conversing with them. It is better not to let Facebook notice you friend-requesting many strangers and getting rejected or deleted. This may flag your account.

If you follow the above rules, the chances of you getting blocked will be minimal.


When someone blocks you on Facebook, there is no way to see the person’s profile or activity, whether on the Facebook website or mobile application. The block also ensures you don’t see likes, comments, or other activity, even if the person is a mutual friend.

If you are genuinely concerned about connecting back to the person, it’s best to reach the person over a call or through a friend. Also, in the future, ensure you adhere to the guidelines, including the one we have shared here, to avoid getting blocked and keep a healthy relationship with everyone.


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