How to select text with similar formatting in Word 2010, 2007

Suppose If you want to select only paragraphs which are under 5 different headers ( h2 tags ) but not the headers itself how you go about it. Microsoft Office Word  has an useful feature which allows you to select similar formatted text in just one click. See the image below. I have 3 headers and under every header I have one paragraph. Now How do you select all the three paragraphs but not the headers ?

Sample Document format in Office Word


Here are the simple steps for doing it

  • Fist move your cursor to the paragraph which you want to select. Here for an example , I placed my cursor to “This is my first paragraph”
  • Now on Home Tab of Menu, Check the last menu which has Find, Replace and Select listed.
  • Now Click on Select link and you will be prompted with “Select Text with similar formatting” options.

Word menu to select text with similar formating

  • Click on it and all the paragraphs under header will be selected.

Here is the output :

Paragraphs with Similar Text Selected in Office Word


This can be very helpful when you have decided to do all formatting options after writing down your content. Remember Select all will never give this option to you.

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