How to send free scheduled text messages from your Computer

Sending message at the very moment you want can be done if you have a cell phone but mobiles till date do not have a feature which allows you to schedule an SMS at  a particular time. This is useful when you are aware that you might be busy a that very moment but not sending the text is not a choice.

OhDontForget is a website + Service which solves your problem to almost anywhere in the world. All you need is provide enter the phone number, date and time and your text message. In just one step, you can ping your boyfriend to remind him about your gift or even wish your friend happy birthday, while you are attending a meeting.

Free Text message

This service has two modes. One is the free service which limits on the count of SMS that can be sent but useful if you are planning to use it once in a while without paying anything. However, if you need to use it more often, you can choose their premium service which includes following features :

  •  Does not contain advertisement along with SMS you had sent.
  • You can create recurring reminders, so you never forget your anniversary.
  • You have Address book feature where you can store your number.
  • You can also check sent sms i.e. using Logs.

Apart from this :

  • Supports ‘ported’ and non-US numbers: If you want to send a message outside US, just add number and select the service provider. I don’t see all the service provider but most commonly used are available.
  • Automatically detect your time zone based on your location.
  • In case somebody is spamming you using this service, you can contact OhDontForget to know the number. However, only if the user has used a premium service, a number can be detected.  Keeping this in mind, they can add your number in DND if you send out a request.
  • They do not allow bulk SMS, but if you want to use it in of your application or professionally, they do have a commercial API.

Check out OhDontForget

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