How to send free sms using Gaim Client using Linux

This is a small trick for Linux users if you want to send an sms from your pc for free.This will be applicable for Linux users.You will need a GAIM Internet messenger, Chix Gaim Plugin and libchix library and Indiatimes chika account.These are the things you need to download first.

Chikka Messenger

Steps to setup GAIM and Chikka

  • First of all install the gaim messenger.If you don’t have it yet download first.
  • Second install the libchix dependency library.
  • Third install the chix gaim plugin using the usual configure make and make install commands
    1. cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/chix login
    2. cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/chix co -P chix
    3. cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/chix co -P chix_gaim
  • .Make sure you have gaim 1.1.x or above.

That’s all, Now open your GAIM and use the plugin

Bonus tip for windows user :

How to create a shortcut to lock your computer ?

  • Right click on your desktop and create a shortcut. Then add the following details on it.
  • * %WINDIRSystem32rundll32.exe, LockWork Station
  • * Make sure the Start in = %WINDIR%


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