How to Send Links Between PC and Android?

When working at the office, when you use your friend’s PC or other similar instance, you sometimes want to share links between PC and Android. Time and again, using any social media platform like Whatsapp or Facebook seems like a hassle. Besides, even if you are a nerd and want to read Manga on a larger screen, you could also share it from your phone to your PC. Therefore, consider to send links between PC and Android; our guide will help!

Send Links Between PC and Android

How to Share Links Between PC and Android?

You can share links between PC and Android with several inbuilt features, apps, and services. Here I have mentioned the most convenient, proven, and hassle-free ways.

  • Using Link to Windows and Phone Link App
  • Using Chrome’s Share This Page Feature
  • Using QR Code

You should try these methods and figure out what works best for you to send links to your phone or send links from your Phone to your PC.

1] Using Link to Windows and Phone Link App

For Android smartphone users, there’s a great way to share links which is the easiest, and that’s the Link to Windows app or feature, which is inbuilt in many OEMs. However, you can only send links from Android to PC, not vice-versa.

  • Please search for the Link to Windows application on the Google Play store and install it.
  • Open the Phone link application on your PC.

(For Samsung and HONOR phones, swipe from top to bottom and tap on Link to Windows to open it)+

Open Link App from Notifcation

  • Now, go to the Link to Windows app on your phone and click on the Link on your phone and PC.
  • Click on Android and Sign in with your Microsoft Account.Sign in your Microsoft Account
  • On your phone, continue to the QR confirmation.
  • Use your phone to Scan the QR code on your PC; you will be prompted to follow some steps and click Continue to proceed.Scan the QR Code to continue
  • On your phone, the Link to Windows app will ask for permissions; allow them and click on Continue.
  • Next, press Done at the end.Tap on Done to Continue
  • Open the Webpage you want to share
  • Click on the Share icon beside the address bar
  • Now, tap on More from the pop-upClick More from Pop-up Appeared
  • Select the Click on Link to Windows app icon.
  • You’ll see a popup stating your device name; tap on it to send.Pop-up with your Device Name

This will share your link to the PC, and you will notice that it also opens the webpage directly on your PC.

Web Page Will Open Up

2] Using Chrome’s Share This Page Feature

Unlike the Link to Windows app, you can send links from PC to phone using Chrome’s Share this Page feature. Ensure Chrome on your PC and Android device are logged in with the same Google account for this feature to work.

On the PC

  • In Chrome, click the share icon on the webpage you want to shareTap on Share icon in URL
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Send to your devicesTap on Send to your Devices
  • Click on your Device name.Choose Device Name to Send

Now, it will send a notification on your phone and even the link you sent via PC.

Pop-up Notification of Link will Appear

On the Android Phone

  • Open the webpage you want to send to your PC and click on the 3 Dots in the top right corner.
  • Select Share from the drop-down menu and choose Send to your devices.

Choose the WebPage you want to Share

  • Tap on your PC’s name.
  • You will receive a pop-up on your PC; select Open in a new tab.

It will then open the Android link you shared on the PC.

3] Using QR Code

You can share webpages on Chrome using QR codes as well. This feature is available both on PC and Android. It’s famous as it enables quick link sharing between your devices.

  • Open the webpage you want to share on your PC and click the Share this Page icon.Open WebPage to Share
  • Select Create QR Code from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll see a QR Code on your screen; scan it with your phone, and the webpage will open on Android.Scab QR coide to open link

To share using QR Code from phone to PC, follow the same steps on Android, generate a QR Code on Android, scan it with your desktop, and you are all set.


There are various scenarios where I wish to share links to and fro between my PC and laptop. In such a situation, I’ve tried each method and prefer using the Scan QR feature for sharing from Phone to PC and vice-versa. However, I don’t find this feature handy when you want to share links from Android to PC; hence, the Link to Windows app is a rescue!

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