How To Set Up And Use Google Passkey?

Google Passkey is a new security feature that allows you to sign in to websites and apps without a password. It uses your phone to generate a unique passkey that you can use to sign in instead of a password. Google Passkey is more secure than passwords because it is harder to steal or hack. It is also more convenient because you can use it on any device signed into Google. This article will cover how to setup and use Google Passkey, what is it, features, and pros and cons.

How To Set Up And Use Google Passkey?

What Is Google Passkey? How Does It Work?

Google Passkey is an innovative and more secure version of the traditional approach to entering and remembering passwords. It is more secure and convenient. The method utilizes a cryptographic key pair that is specific to each website. Half of the key pair is stored on the website, and the other half is stored on the password manager of the device, making it almost impossible for hackers to access your account.

There are many benefits to using Google Passkey. Firstly, it is a cross-platform utility that works with almost any operating system and device. You can use fingerprint or facial recognition to sign in instead of remembering a series of alphanumeric characters. In addition, with passkeys, you can quickly identify phishing websites, as passkeys can only be created on original websites.

How To Set Up And Use Google Passkey?

Setting up and using Google Passkey is an utterly easy process, and once done, it can save you a tonne of time and enhance the security of your account. Here’s how to set up and use Google passkey:

  • Go to on a Windows 10 or 11 PC with Bluetooth and Chrome (version 109 or newer) or Edge (version 109 or newer).
  • Click on Security in the left sidebar.
  • Under How You Sign into Google, click Passkeys. If not visible, click Use your phone to sign in and link your account to a device like a phone or tablet.Enabling Google Passkey For A Google Account
  • Click the blue Use Passkeys button.Start using Google passkeys on a Google account
  • Log into your Google account on any linked Android devices for automatic passkey setup.
  • To manually create a passkey, click the white Create a passkey button.Google passkey setup completed
  • If on an incompatible PC, use another device by scanning a QR code or using a security key.Using a different phone or tablet to create a google passkey
  • To remove passkey, delete manually added ones by clicking the X button; remove the device from your account for automatically added devices.Removing passkeys from a google account
  • Once the passkey is enabled on the device, it becomes the default sign-in method for your device.
  • Whenever you log in to your Google account using your username, you will be prompted for your biometric or device password to log in instead of your Google account password. Using Google Passkey To Sign Into A Google Account

Pros And Cons Of Google Passkey

How useful may the utility be? It is still prone to having some cons while still having its pros. Here are some pros and cons of Google Passkey:

Pros of using Google Passkey:

  • Enhanced security: Passkeys use public-key encryption, immune to password guessing, and provide better protection against website breaches.
  • Simplicity: Passkeys are easy to set up and use, requiring only a smartphone and a PIN or biometric authentication.
  • Two-factor authentication in one system: A passkey is considered both something you know (the private encryption key) and something you have (the phone), combining two factors into one system.
  • Protection from phishing attacks: Passkeys are tied to the website they’re generated for, so they can’t be captured by fake phishing sites like passwords can.

Cons of using Google Passkey:

  • Limited compatibility: To set up passkeys for your Google account on a PC, you need a computer with Bluetooth running Windows 10 or 11 and Chrome (version 109 or newer) or another Chromium browser like Edge (version 109 or newer).
  • Reliance on biometrics/PIN: If someone gains access to your phone’s facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN, they could access your Google account through the passkey system.
  • Not widely adopted yet: While passkeys are becoming more popular, not all websites and services support them.

If you are a developer, read more about Passkey here.


In this article, we went over how to setup and use Google Passkey, the technology behind it, and the pros and cons of using Google Passkey. In this digital age, there is a threat to your personal information everywhere. Google has always been one platform working tirelessly to introduce new security features. Passkey is one such newly introduced security feature that enhances the security of your Google account way further than the 2-factor authentication feature.


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