How to setup Sync in Firefox

Many of us switch computer either from Home to Office or When at friend’s place but every time you need to remember or at least spend a bit of time finding which url you visited when at home or the office. If that’s your scenario, Firefox allows you to setup sync. In this guide, we will explain how you can setup Firefox Sync, Features and Settings.

What is Firefox Sync?

Firefox Sync stores all your Firefox Bookmarks, Passwords, Preferences, History, Open tabs into their server using a secure account to which you have complete access. Anytime you use Firefox in another computer, with the same account, it gets backs all the data and open tabs. It makes sure you get precisely the same experience no matter on which computer you are using.

Sync Firefox between devices

How to setup Sync in Firefox?

  1. Create or Sign-in with Firefox Account
  2. Manage Sync Settings
  3. Sync Features

1] Create a Firefox Account or Sign-in with an existing account

  1. Launch Firefox, and click on the human-looking icon on the top right.
  2. Then click on the Turn on Sync button.
  3. It will take you to the login page of Firefox account where you can sign in or create an account.
  4. Done that, you will receive a message that Firefox has started syncing. If you are creating a new account, make sure to take note of the email address and password you used. You’ll need them to sign in later on a different device.

When you log in to another device, you can choose to turn on sync. It is useful if the computer belongs to you. If thats not your device do not turn on the sync feature. It applies to all devices, including Firefox Mobile and iOS devices.

2] Manage Sync Settings

  • Click on the account icon on the top left, and click on Sync Settings
  • In the next screen, you can choose which features should sync across devices. It includes
    • Bookmarks
    • History
    • Add-ons
    • Open Tabs
    • Logins
    • and Preferences
  • Here you can change Device Name as well. It comes in handy when you manage it from any other device.

The same place gives you an option to disconnect the account from the instance of the device. You should use it if you accidentally signed on a public or friends computer.

3] Sync Features

When you click on the Firefox Account icon, it offers you the following features:

  • Send Tab to Device which allows you to send the current tab to any other device instantly.
  • Synced Tabs option opens all the tabs which were previously open on any other device.
  • Sync Tab Sidebar opens those tabs on the side sorted according to devices.
  • Manage Account lets you enable 2-step verification, account recovery, add secondary email, and so on.

We hope this guide came in handy if you are using Firefox Sync for the first time. All in all its an excellent feature which allows one to keep everything in sync across devices.

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