How to setup Wi-Fi between BlackBerry and Linksys Router

I have taken  a plan of 299 with my Blackberry 8520 which allows me only to check mails and be on few messenger i.e. I cannot surf internet on it. However since Blackberry 8520 comes along with WiFi I was able to configure it with my WRT54 GT Linksys Router for browsing internet and use applications like Facebook and twitter.

Before we start I would like to point that Blackberry WiFi doesn’t have support for WPA Security mode ( Personal or Business ) and If you router is configured in that mode like mine you need to use the Push Button to connect to it.

Steps to Configure WiFi :

  • Click on the Blackberry Menu.
  • Click Setup folder
  • Select Setup Wi-Fi icon.
  • You will be greeted by a welcome message which you can set to ignore for future.
  • Next you will get 4 options here : Scan for Network, Manually Add Network, Push Button Setup and WiFi Hotspot Login.
  • You can use any of these methods to connect to network which is just one or two more extra where you give security key or phrases extra but there is an extra ordinary push button setup which makes configuring the wi-fi very easily
  • In case the phone doesn’t detect the WiFi via scanning, you can add it manually using the security mode and key with the SSID of the network known to you.
  • Just select Push Button setup from here and then click on the Push Button which should be available on your router. Both the devices talk to each other and as you manually do it, security is not an issue here.

Thats it. Now if you have a shared wi-fi internet connection setup along with the router you should be online in few minutes. I found the push button technique pretty easy which did not work when I tried connecting to my laptop though. How about you ?

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  1. Hello, the guide is pretty neat, although i’m having a problem. almost exact same plan as you, i get acces to emails, BB chat, aol etc.. but no internet browsing, i recently followed your guide and i “”succesfully” connected to my home’s wifi network, i know this since it says im connected and on the homescreen, right on the top by the carrier name, says the wifi name. but anyways, im going on my bb browser and yet, it wont let me even get on google. the msg i get is the following ‘an error occurred while fetching the requested page’. what should i do? could you please give me a tip on your browser’s setup or something that may be causing trouble.

    PS: my wifi is fine, i can browse on my laptop and on my ipod touch perfectly

    thanks in advance

  2. @Anthony : If you have control on Internet connection from your laptop you will need to share it and if your network connection is connected to router directly it shouldnt be a problem. Also can you try connecting to the wifi manually using SSID ?

  3. I set up my BB devise to work with my linksys router using the push button method. Now my MAC and iTouch can’t get on the network. What should I do?

  4. hey ashish help me out ….

    i have blackberry 8520 unlocked …..
    i have i wirelss connecion also which i could use with wire as well as wireless named TIKONA …which provide software(dialer software) for pc only not for phones

    i want to use internet connection on BB 8520… to perform ..i tried ad-hoc networkiing ..manual SSID …etc ..but cant do….


  5. Hi,

    I have a BB 8520 unlocked. I was using the BB 299 pack. I have an ADSL wired connection at home.

    I tried the ad-hoc connection and even tried the shared connection, but the BB does not detect the connection.

    Is it possible to connect if I get a wifi router added to my internet connection?


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