How to setup Windows XP mode in Windows 7

Since Windows Vista there is a compatibility mode enabled for every program which allows users to run programs like they are running in Windows XP machine. Same goes for Windows 7. It allows users to run programs which were running in Windows XP and Windows Vista under compatibility mode.

However some of the applications might just not work due to certain issues i.e. I would assume they use certain functions or API which are obsolete, this is common in commercial applications which are being used from a long time. If that is the case Windows 7 comes with support of Windows XP mode. Lets get to know how to set it up.

  • According to the Windows XP Mode support you need to have Virtualization Enabled ( HAV Detection Tool ) i.e. Needs AMD-V or Intel VT CPU feature
  • Download Windows XP mode for Windows 7
  • and Windows Virtual PC from here
  • Make sure you had selected the right Windows Version and language.

Once Installed all of them you will get Windows XP mode under Virtual PC Menu. Just invoke it to and follow simple instructions to start using it.

Here is the list of benefits you get :

  • One Click launch.
  • Access the USB devices you plug to Windows 7 in Windows XP.
  • Run Obsolete Business applications in Windows 7
  • Launch applications installed in Windows XP mode from Windows 7 PC.
  • Printer, Folders and Clipboard sharing between two.

Don’t miss out watching the videos and download support documents from Windows XP Mode support section which would tell you exactly how to configure every step both at home and in Corporate environment. If you are still on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, here is a comparison chart on Why you should move to Windows Virtual PC.


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