How to Share iTunes Purchased Content Between Multiple Computers

Do you want to share iTunes purchased content between multiple computers? In that case, you need to explore iTunes. Mac doesn’t let the user copy files and uses them. This post will share how you can set Home Sharing under iTunes to share content between multiple computers.

Home Sharing allows you to share various iTunes purchased content on five accounts. You can easily share music, movies, web series, etc., between different systems. This post will explore sharing iTunes purchased content between multiple Pcs and Macs.

Requirements to Share iTunes Purchases Content

Here is the list of criteria that you need to fulfill to share iTunes purchased content. These are –

  • You need to have an up-to-date version of iTunes.
  • Ensure your PC has the latest Windows or the Mac is updated with the recent macOS.
  • Home Sharing is on.

Share iTunes Purchased Content

How to Share Itunes Purchased Content Between Multiple Computers?

Once you know the requirements, follow these methods to share content purchased on iTunes between multiple PCs and Macs.

  1. Turn on Home Sharing
  2. View and Download iTunes Purchased Content
  3. How to Hide Your iTunes Purchases
  4. Transfer Purchases

Make sure you have access to your Apple account.

1] Turn on Home Sharing

You must enable the Home Sharing feature to share iTunes purchased content between multiple computers.

Follow the steps in the linked article to set up Home Sharing on the Mac. If you are using a PC, take a look at the steps you must adopt:

  • Launch the iTunes app on the PC. Sign in with the Apple ID.
  • When you open iTunes, go to the menu bar and click on File.
  • Select the Home Sharing feature from the drop-down menu. It will further open a menu with two options. Click on the Turn on Home Sharing option.

Turn on Home Sharing Feature on PC

Note: You need to use the same Apple ID for all the devices on the Home Sharing network.

2] How to View and Download iTunes Purchased Content?

To view and download iTunes purchased content on PC, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the iTunes app on the PC. Click on Account.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Family Purchases.
  • Beside the Purchased button, click the name on the top-left part.
  • Select the family member whose purchased content you want to view.
  • If you want to download, click on the iCloud Download button.
  • To view the downloaded items, select the Download option present on the left.

Note: If you cannot view Family Purchases, you still need to set up Family Sharing.

If you want to transfer music and movies, there is another procedure that you can read under the topic: How to transfer iTunes Library Music from one computer to another

3] How to Hide Your iTunes Purchases?

Do you want to hide your iTunes purchases? In that case, take a look at these steps:

  • Open the iTunes app on your PC.
  • Go to Account. Select Family Purchases from the drop-down menu.
  • On the top-left corner, tap on your name to see your purchases.
  • On the right side, click on the content type. Here, you will come across a list detailing the purchase of the content you select.
  • It would help to hover the pointer on the item you want to hide.
  • Click on the Delete button.
  • After that, select the Hide option.

If you want to see the list of iTunes purchases, go to Account. After that, select View My Account and then tap on Manage. You will now see the hidden items.

4] Transfer Purchases

Earlier, Apple allowed transferring purchases from iTunes to the new device.

  • Right-click on your device name in the left menu and click on Transfer Purchases.
  • Done that all the apps, music, books, and tv shows that you bought from the iTunes App store will be transferred to this one.

Transfer purhcases in iTunes

A word of caution here, do not click on sync if you have configured for auto sync, as it will erase all the content of your iPad and fill it with existing content on iTunes of that computer.

Also, you should note that anything added to your iPod, iPhone, or iPad using the import or add method will not get transferred. It will only transfer stuff that you have imported or purchased using iTunes.


Sharing iTunes purchased content between multiple computers is easy. You must set up Home Sharing, download the content you want, and share. However, if you encounter problems, you can always contact Apple support.

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  1. I have songs that I’ve purchased from the iTunes store on multiple computers. How can I transfer them all to my iPhone? For example, my iPhone is synced to my iMac, but I have purchased a few songs on my Macbook and want them on my iphone now. How can you do this?


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