How to share search result and files in Vista without exposing your folders directly

This article tells you how you can share a search result and filter files in a network using windows vista. It also tells you about creating a filter search over existing folder and expose only the files you want without removing or recreating separate folder to share.

In the last post we learned how to save our frequent searches in Vista. When you save it , your search criteria is saved as a search folder here. Now lets say you need to share folders among your friends but you are not willing to share the complete folder as your folder has lot of other sensitive data.

Well you can say why not copy the required files in separate folder and then share it with them. That’s one option but I need to add  every time any new file has been added to original folder. This is a head on and needs time.Now since you can save search as folder in Windows Vista you can also share it with user permissions.

First Create your search folder :

I have a folder called as production which contains all my files for creating slides , images and videos. Now Lets say I want to share all my GIF files with somebody on network. Using Vista Search I can just create a search folder whose criteria is *.GIF

Creating Search Filter in Vista

Creating Search Filter in Vista

Save Search Folder :

Now just right click on the result area and save it. Give a name , I gave Gif-Production.

Search folders on network

Search folders on network

Share it :

Now share this folder like you share any folder with permissions and user will see a search getting executed and the results will follow on. Remember they will never even know if there is any filter criteria set on it.

Gif search share result

Gif search share result

That’s it. Now the users will be able to see only the files which you had set filter for and You dont need to actually share your foilder directly. I am looking forward to do more on it. Lets see , if you know something please do let me know in comments.

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