How to share search result of a folder in Windows without exposing all files

This article tells you how you can share a search result and filter files in a network using Windows. It also tells you about creating a filter search over the existing folder and expose only the files you want without removing or recreating a separate folder to share.

How to Share search result of a folder in Windows

In the last post, we learned how to save our frequent searches in Windows. When you save it, your search criteria are saved as a search folder here. Now let’s say you need to share folders among your friends, but you are not willing to share the complete folder as your folder has a lot of other sensitive data.

Well, you can say why not copy the required files in a separate folder and then share it with them. That’s one option, but I need to add every time any new file has been added to the original folder. It is head-on and needs time. Now since you can save the search as a folder in Windows, you can also share it with user permissions.

Step 1: Create and Save your search folder

How to Share search result of a folder in Windows 

I have a folder called screenshot, which contains all my files for creating slides, images, and videos. Now let’s say I want to share all my PNG files with somebody on the network. Using Windows Search, I can just create a search folder whose criteria are *.png

Right-click on a blank space and click on Save Search.  Give a name; I gave PNG-Production.

How to Share search result of a folder in Windows 

Step 2: Share the search folder

Now share this folder like you share any folder with permissions, and the user will see a search getting executed, and the results will follow on. Remember, they will never even know if there are any filter criteria set on it.

To access your search folder, go to C:\Users\<username>\Searches. Right-click on the folder you want to share, and select Give access to, and here you can share with Homegroup or specific people.

How to Share search result of a folder in Windows 

That’s it. Now the users will be able to see only the files which you had set a filter for, and You don’t need to share your folder directly. I am looking forward to doing more on it. Let’s see, if you know something, please do let me know in comments.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to share the search result of a folder in Windows with your filter.


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