How To Show Presentation In Zoom (Easy Guide)

Since the coronavirus pandemic brought an all-online mode of working, learning, and partying, everything has shifted to Zoom calls. And with this, presentations have become people’s best friend, as they are the most effective and clear way of communicating a concept through a Zoom call. So it is but natural that you will need to present something for work or online classes. Let us tell you how to show a Presentation in Zoom so that your ideas can reach others!

Presentation in Zoom Meeting

How To Show Presentation In Zoom (Easy Guide)

  • Show Your Entire Screen
  • Show Just The Presentation Window
  • Present With Your Video Beside Your Presentation
  • Presenter View
  • Editing Window

1] Show Your Entire Screen

Zoom Meeting Main Screen

This is the default and most practical way to show a presentation in Zoom. On the Zoom call, navigate to an option called Share. Choosing that and then the Entire Screen allows the participants in the meeting to see everything on your screen. The presentation, your wallpaper, your desktop applications, or any other open applications where important or confidential information may be present.

You can also enable the Chat window to show incoming texts at the top of the screen. Teams controls that are there on the top of the screen are not visible. Once you share the screen, everything, including the animations, and transitions will be visible to the participants. The Zoom settings will be visible once you bring your cursor to the top of the screen.

2] Show Just The Presentation Window

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Zoom

Zoom offers an outstanding feature that you can select exactly which window you wish to share with the meeting participants. So, you can choose only to share the window where you have opened the presentation instead of the entire screen. From the Share option, select the presentation window that is displayed there.

As we mentioned in method 1, all functions of PowerPoint will work as they should, including transitions or any animations. And as you show just the presentation screen, participants won’t be able to see anything else on your screen. You can access the meeting controls at the top of the screen.

3] Present With Your Video Beside Your Presentation

Presentation Windows Zoom

This method of sharing presentations with the audience is the closest to delivering presentations in real life. It allows you to share your video along with your presentation running on the side. Your facial expressions and body language play a vital role in impactful presentations, which becomes possible with this method.

The simple idea behind this is to minimize your video and presentations windows to fit the screen in split-view and then share your entire screen. You don’t have to have any additional software to do this, as we said, just fitting the two windows and split-screen view.

4] Presenter View

presenter view share ppt

We understand the importance of speaking notes while delivering a presentation. If you have made speaking notes, then you should also use the Presenter View. This helps you see your speaking notes while the participants in the meeting can only see your presentation. For this, you may need two screens.

5] Editing Window

presenter view notes

If your audience is such that you are comfortable with them seeing the edit view of the presentation, then you may choose the edit view to show the presentation. You have to drag the vertical divider to the left so that all it shows is the text indicating that thumbnails are visible. Feel free to hide any extra notes by toggling the slider at the bottom of the screen downwards.

The ribbon can be closed by clicking on the collapse arrow in the lower right corner of any ribbons. You can then edit the window size according to your presentation; otherwise, it maximizes itself automatically. When you select the slide show window from the Zoom Share option, the transitions or animations aren’t available, and you will have to move the presentation manually. It allows you to keep other files open without the participants seeing them.

How To Record Your Zoom Meetings?

First, you need to set up your presentation in slide show mode in PowerPoint. Then select browsed by an individual (browser) in Show Type and click OK. Then, play from start to end. Now open Zoom and join the meeting. From the meeting controls, change the microphone to your recording microphone from the built-in speakers.

Recoding in Zoom

Then share your screen using any of the methods given here, and choose the window you wish to show. If your presentation has any sound effects, you should check the box for Share computer sound and the Optimize Screen Sharing For Video Clip. Then press record, and you are good to go. Your meeting is now being recorded and shared.

Video Sharing screen sharing Zoom

Any of these methods could be the easiest for you, but if you ask us, the third method is a great way to add the human aspect to a presentation in these times. Moreover, there is more scope for you to express your opinions through your body language too. Make your remote work or school presentations easy now that you know how to show presentations in Zoom.


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