How to smartly rename files in Windows

This is another accidental discovery for me while I was trying to rename several images. When you try to rename by selecting all the files, windows will rename files by taking the first file you renamed and then add (X) to it where X will be a number. However this makes the renaming process more tedious.

Here is what you should do :

  • Select all the files you would like to rename.
  • Rename first file ( You will have to rename it again but lets start)
  • Lets say you give the name as “My Room”
  • Now just dont press enter instead press tab.
  • This will set your focus to another file and you can edit it right there.
  • However all the files will be renamed according to first file name but you can rename by pressing tab till you reach end of it.
  • Further renaming doesn’t change any other file name.

In case you want to go back to previous file just press Shift Tab and you will move back the order. This you can use to rename the first file again.This works in both Windows Vista and Windows Seven. I wasnt able to test it in Windows XP though but it might work.

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