How to speed up Windows XP and Vista patches and update ?

Windows get updated frequently like 4-5 times a week and with patches and addons. We generally use windows automatic update feature, but what if you have to reinstall the system again. All the updates of windows is lost. But now there is a solution.Some of the updates issued by Microsoft such as administrative updates or network do not require an Internet connection present during the installation process. The user however will have to answer to a series of (for the most part identical) questions.Even these are very annoying.

Speed up through Autopatcher

Autopatcher is a smart packed windows updates which you can save onto your hard drive which can be reused again and again, every time you re-install. You can even burn it on your cd rom and install in other systems.

How Autopatcher  works ?

Autopatcher is given by They have updates of different updates released by Microsoft month wise. All you have to do is follow simple steps:-

  • Download: Go to autopacther download and choose the version, language and type ( full,lite or update[ which contains last month updates]). Downloading will take time as it will depend on which type you have chosen. You can choose among 2000, xp or even vista.
  • Extracting and Burning: After your download is complete, extract the file’s contents in order to run Auto Patcher. This procedure is taken care of by the installation program. If you want to burn it on cd, just burn the extracted folder on to the cd.
  • Installation: Autopacther will now install updates on your system after a restart. This is an important step as installation will ask you to choose which updates you want to install. Just select what you want and de-select what you don’t.



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  1. Greetings Ashish,

    Can I run AutoPatcher on other PC which is using the same OS version?

    Many thanks.

  2. @Haz that should not be a problem where are you stuck at ?

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