How to stop Favorites and Retweet Email Notifications from Twitter

Twitter rolled out this feature a couple of years ago where notification is sent to you when somebody Retweets or any of your tweet is added to someone’s favorite over Email. Though this is very useful if you have a huge follower base and a lot of your tweets are retweeted and favorite, your inbox will be spammed with these notifications. So here are a couple of ways to stop Favorites and Retweet Email Notifications from Twitter.

How to stop Favorites and Retweet Email Notifications from Twitter

How to stop Favorites and Retweet Email Notifications from Twitter

There are multiple ways to reduce email notifications from twitter. It is not just about favorites and retweets but there are addtional notifications as well. In this post, we will show how you can control these email notifications.

1] Completely turn off notifications over Email

This will make sure that Twitter doesn’t send you any kind of notifications over email.

How to stop Favorites and Retweet Email Notifications from Twitter

You can further control this by turning on notifications that you need.  For example, you may not like notifications for favorites or retweets, but emails about direct messages are useful. Similarly “Things you missed since you last logged into Twitter” can be annoying on vacation, but Weekly or Daily Top tweets can be useful if you were busy all day.

2] Change Notification Email Address

In case you do want all those emails, you can change it to a separate email id by using the change link in the notification section.  This is useful only when you have a spare junk account but then all your email notification from twitter goes there.

3] Create Filter for Twitter Notifications

Now if you still want to use the same account then use the concept of Filter to send them into another folder. This can be done in two ways :

  • Sort according to Email ID: If you are using Gmail or Google Apps account, give different email id. It can be like [email protected] where “myemailid” is your actual email account. In Google Apps, you can create multiple nicknames for your email id.
  • Use the Subject line: For example, the retweet notifications are sent as “Ashish Mohta (@ashishmohta) retweeted one of your Tweets!”, So you can filter the subject containing “retweeted one of your Tweets!” and make it skip the inbox.

Gmail Filter for Twitter Notifcations


I hope these tweets were useful for you, and you were able to turn off Favorites and Retweet Notifications from Twitter over email.


  1. My account was always flooded with spam messages like “buy this pill and loose 10 pounds”.Thanks to your post,it looks normal now.

  2. Thanks Ashish Mohta! But I just checked my account and it does not show these options. Did Tweeter reconsider and removed these new features? -Bini


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