How to stream music from iPad to TV / Xbox / PS 3 / Computer

TV is one of the old time gadget which everybody agrees on, be it movies or songs or any show.  Now if you have music on your iPad,iPhone or iPod and you want to play it on your TV, how do you do it.

Apple TV is one of the top choices but if you are  not a Big time apple fan boy chances are you wont be having it but if you are into console games a lot,  you might just have an XBox or Play Station.

Xbox or PS 3

AirMusic is streaming app for iPad, iPhone and iPod which streams music from your iPad to your Xbox or PS 3. When you turn this app on and Go to Xbox Music or PS 3 Notes you will be  see your iPad listed as computer. Just select it and all your songs in iPod will be listed.

iPad Stream to XBox

Now if you are wondering why will anybody like to play music on TV,  then playing your favorite music in background and playing a game is the answer.  You don’t have to copy music to any USB or your Xbox and if you are at your friends house, this becomes your music station. Download this app from iTunes ( Paid )


DLNA TV or Computer

Another added feature is you can listen on your computer using media player or any DLNA device. DLNA stands for  Digital Living Network Alliance which is a specification of streaming videos, music etc from one device to another. This means if your TV is of DLNA standard you can directly watch it from your iPad without need of an Xbox, PS3 or Xbox.

Ipad to TV


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