How to switch to classic shutdown / restart in Windows 8

Though not advisable but if you ever fall in a situation where you need to do a classic shutdown or restart your Windows 8, instead of fast boot( which is under 8 second even on existing hardware ) Windows 8 Power Options have settings which you can disable. The setting is called as Hybrid Boot

 Follow the steps as below :

  • Go to Power Plan.
  • Select any of the options which appear on sidebar 1) Choose What the power buttons do or 2) Choose what closing the lid does.
  • Click on link which says “Change Settings that are currently unavailble”. You will need administrator privilege to change.
  • Next Scroll down a bit and look for a label which says “Shutdown Settings”  and there will be one option which says Enable Hybrid Boot.
  • You need to uncheck this to get the classic shutdown.

Turn of Faster Startup in Windows 8


Now when you reboot your computer it will take loads of time which I experience personally. The complete shutdown took like 7 to 8 minutes though restart was bit okay but still slow.  Though it says restart behaviour is not affected but I did find a bit of slowness.

Said that lets us now understand why you should not opt for this classic behaviour.  Now if you have already used Windows 8 a bit you know fast it boots which happens because in Hybrid Boot Windows does not shutdown kernel when the machine shutdowns. What is closed is the user sessions i.e. any application, files etc. As most of the time is spent bring the kernel or the Windows Core up, Hybrid mode makes sure the boot experience is as good as getting up from sleep mode.

You can compare this with Hibernation where both the state of Windows and User State is frozen to state and it boots up very fast but here only kernel is hibernate and since user session doesn’t take much time, everything is pretty fast here.

The most probably moment you are going to use this will be when you find your computer slow or something, for that I would suggest you either o refresh or reset your computer. Refresh will just fix any corrupt files, bring settings to default where as reset will remove all your files and take you the day when windows was first installed on your computer. Read more on how to do this. ( Includes a Video demo )

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  1. I have Windows 8 Developer Preview installed on my machine, however when I tried to search for the ‘Hybrid boot’ option under ‘Power Options’, I did not find any.

    Does anyone know the reason behind this? Has somebody else faced this as well?

  2. Hi Ashish,

    I have the screenshot with me, but not sure how can I post it here. Can you guide me please? Thanks.

  3. Upload it anywhere you want and submit the link. You can also make use of the Facebook Comment if you want.

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