How to Synchronize Folders in Office Outlook : FolderSync

Office Outlook allows you to create folders where you can keep your mails or notes organized but it may so happen that you want to have an exact copy of your Inbox into another folder that can be used as backup or if you lose an email from primary inbox you can restore it from the other folder.

FolderSync Addin from CodeTwo is an excellent Outlook Addin which lets you synchronize any two folder in Outlook which can be two email folders or manually created folders. This Addin is completely free and you can synchronize any number of folders with hit if a button.

After installation if you are using Outlook 2010, FolderSync is available in Backstage and if you are using Office 2007 and 2003 you will see it menu items.

Before you start using this understand that it’s a sync operation so what ever is available in both folder prior to sync individually will be available in both after sync. So if you are creating a sync from backup point of view make sure the destination folder is empty.

Also if there is an issue check the logs by clicking on Log File button. Download FolderSync Addin from here.


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