How to test your site in different resolutions [ Web Designing ]

Designing a site is certainly a tough job as it involves lot of testing, apart from other steps checking the site for different resolutions is an important job, this takes a lot of patience and time as well. AnyBrowser is a service that allows you to do this testing online and that too, very easily. Just point your browser here, and submit the URL of your site which you want to test, on the page itself you will find the different resolution options, click on them to test your site.

You can also test for some browser resolution in net scape for pc and mac.

Shown below is test on 640×480 resolution for this site. We resized here but you should be able to make out through the scroll bars.

Free tool to test your website or blog in different resolutions

This site also has a range of various interactive tools like “Directories of site links”, “Database Manipulation”, “Content Management” etc., which can be seen here, these might prove very helpful in making your site more interactive and live. All the tools seem to be very useful for Webmasters, and Website Designers. Availability of such tools make the web-designing like jobs easier and hassle free.

I found this service very useful for people who are planning to start their site, and is easy to use and very user-friendly. what are your views, share with us via comments.

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