How to Troubleshoot Eye Control Feature in Windows 11/10

Integrating the excellent Eye Control feature in Windows has created a buzz in the marketplace. The presence of this beautiful feature has made it quite convenient for Windows users with special needs to control their access with the help of their eyes. It is an innovative technology where you can direct the mouse cursor, write on the screen using an on-screen keyboard, and communicate with others using speech. If you are facing issues while accessing the eye control feature in Windows, here we are with a complete troubleshooting guide for you.

What Exactly Is Windows Eye Control?

Windows Eye Control is an accessibility feature in Windows 11/10 that assists people with disabilities in meeting their goals efficiently. It is a lovely initiation that conveniently offers access over the Windows PC. The feature allows users to use an on-screen keyboard and mouse to control the different functions. The feature is compatible with the eye tracker, and users must activate the PC’s Eye Control Feature to use it conveniently. Once done, a launchpad will display on your screen, which will help you access the PC conveniently. To access the same, users must stare at the screen until the function activates.

Once activated, the Eye Control feature will help you use the mouse from your launchpad effectively.

Eye Control troubleshooting Windows

How To Troubleshoot Eye Control Feature in Windows 11/10?

Here is the list of troubleshooting tips you can follow if Eye Control is not working as expected on your Windows PC.

  1. Why Does Eye Control Don’t Work With My Webcam?
  2. Is It Possible To Employ Eye Control In My Native Language?
  3. Unable To Use The Eye Control Keyboard?
  4. Unable To Scroll/Zoom Through Web Pages And Apps?

To fix the issue, you will need admin permission and access to the Ease of Access feature.

1] Why Does Eye Control Don’t Work With My Webcam?

If you are willing to get absolute control over the Eye control feature, you need to have specialized hardware of the same. Moreover, the compatibility of this beautiful feature is also limited to a few devices only. One should need to make use of the EyeTech and Tobii hardware for the same.

Tobii is one of the most acceptable options in the market that offers accessibility over a wide range of tools such as Eye Tracker 4C, Dynavox PCEye Plus, EyeMobile Mini & Plus, and much more. The device works well when looking at the screen and subsequently transforms the mouse cursor. It works with the movement of your eyes and can detect changes accordingly.

2] Is It Possible To Employ Eye Control In My Native Language?

Eye Control is one of the most delicate features of Windows 10/11 that have gained considerable popularity just a few days after its release. It is an absolute feature that supports only the US Keyboard only. The tool works only with the English language and doesn’t have any more in its set.

3] Unable To Use The Eye Control Keyboard?

Focus on the keyboard button present on the launchpad for moving up further with the process. Once done with it, you can quickly type on the characters you are willing to add on. Whenever you utilize this tool, make sure that you have activated the software keyboard ideally—having some recommendations to move faster and conveniently with the process. So you can also have some before you start working with the keyboard.

The feature currently does a great job with the US English Keyboard layout. Moreover, one can also do shape writing using the Eye Control feature. Users can quickly improve this tool’s speed and performance by using text prediction conveniently. To enable smooth access over it, you have toggled on the Shape writing option.

4] Unable To Scroll/Zoom Through Web Pages And Apps?

Accessing Eye Control for scrolling or zooming through web pages and apps is convenient and easy. The only things you have to do here are:

  • Hold on to the scroll button on the launchpad to go to the preferable option.
  • When enabled successfully, it will scroll down and up and move with your eyes’ movement.
  • The longer you will hold your finger on these buttons, the more time or quicker will be the access you will acquire. Moreover, you can look away from the screen to take a break from it.

For further support on the Eye Control feature in Windows 11/10, visit Microsoft’s official support page by Clicking here.


The main aim of integrating the Eye Control feature in Windows 10/11 is to offer an excellent level of inconvenience and access, which is relatively easy to go. Any issue in this feature may restrict you from accessing it. We have provided you with a troubleshooting guide to effectively deal with the different things.

How To Set Up & Modify Eye Control Settings?

Microsoft is a beautiful platform that provides appropriate choices for configuring the dwell duration perfectly. To alter them and set them as per our convenience, you have to change them by going to the launchpad and selecting the Eye Control settings.

  • One can set the time for numbers, letters, and symbols to stay on screen: Type the Dwell time.
  • Set up the average dwell time for performing different tasks like setting dwell duration for function keys, word predictions, and acquiring mouse cursor control.
  • It would be best if you did formal writing to toggle the shape on and off.
  • One should look for the cursor to focus on eye control elements such as the launchpad.

Does Eye Control Function Work When Wearing Glasses In The Sun?

Reflection and conflicting lighting are two main reasons why the Eye Control function doesn’t work well in the sun, even when we wear glasses while using. The feature depends upon the different factors, including eye color, eye size, and eye shape.

What Is the Minimum Version of Windows for Eye Control?

For acquiring seamless access to the Eye Control feature in Windows 10/11, it is necessary to work with Windows version 10, 1709, or Windows 11. If you don’t know the version of Windows your PC has on, you can quickly check it by:

  • Click on the Start button, click on the Settings icon, and then go to About.
  • The next thing you have to do is to check the version number on their software.
  • Make sure your PC is working on the Windows versions we have provided you above, and if it’s not, you can check for the updates to upgrade your Windows copy.


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