How to turn off automatic update for Firefox Add-ons

Starting from Firefox 4, All the Add-ons are set to get updated automatically which means if you are if you are testing a current version you will lose it as soon as the updated version for that add-on gets hit. Though thinking from a broader point, specially in terms of security, this is good but some of us might not like this. Follow the steps below :

  • Click on Firefox Menu
  • Select Add-ons. This will open the Add-ons Manager.
  • Look for a configuration icon on top right, click it.
  • To disable automatic updates for all add-ons uncheck “Update Add-ons Automatically”

Completly Disable Addon Updates Automatically

Now if you just want to disable updates for some add-ons.

  • Select The Extensions Tab in Add-ons Manager.
  • Select the add-on for which you want to disable the Automatic Update.
  • Click on link which says More.
  • This will give you complete history of that add-ons
  • Look for  a section which says Automatic Updates. The option that is selected here is the default.
  • Change this to Off.

Automatic Update for Individual Extensions

Done this, Firefox will no more update all the add-ons automatically.

Now when an update is available for the extension for which auto update is disabled, you will see a new pane  which says Available Updates will appear. You can click on that and update the extensions manually.

FF4 Availble Updates for Extensions


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