How to turn off Facebook Question Notifications

After Facebook recently launched Question feature,  receiving 3-4 emails every day from friends asking questions has become common. What becomes annoying is when you get email after email on a question asked by someone else.

Good thing is Facebook Notification Settings allows you to almost turn of question feature by choosing the notifications.  I really wish there was one click torn off for each settings but right now you need to uncheck from what you do not need.

  • Answers your question
  • Follows your question
  • Suggests a question for you to answer
  • Recommends your answer
  • Asks a question about you
  • Edits your question or answer
  • Comment on your answer
  • Comment after you on an answer
  • Answers a question you asked them to answer

You can find this In Account > Account Settings > Notifications > Questions.

Facebook Question Answer Settings


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