How to Turn off Messages and Notifications From Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a fantastic communication tool for society, organizations, or even just groups of like-minded individuals. Thus, you will undoubtedly receive many notifications by default from these Facebook groups you are a part of.

Every time someone posts in a group, you will receive a notification. For example, if a group has more than fifty members, you will get a notification on Facebook every time any of these group members send a message. This may include twelve or more daily notifications if you are an active group member. So, in this article, we will guide you through a couple of Facebook settings to turn off messages and notifications from Facebook groups.

How to Turn off Messages and Notifications From Facebook Groups

You can either turn off the notifications for that group or control the notifications Facebook can send you.

  1. Turn off Notification via Groups Settings
  2. Manage Facebook Group Notification from Facebook Settings

Ensure not to turn off notifications entirely, as it may lead to missing important ones, especially work-related ones.

1] Turn off Notification via Groups Settings

In this method, you can turn off notifications via Group Settings. There are multiple ways to access Group Settings:

  • You can access Group Settings by clicking the Groups option on the left pane of your Facebook Home page.

Choose Groups From Facebook Home Page

  • You can also click the hamburger menu on the Home or your Profile page and choose the Groups option from the context menu.

Choose Groups Option From Facebook Menu

  • On the Groups Settings page, click the group you want to mute notifications of. Click the Joined button to expand it. Next, choose the Manage notifications option from the context menu.

Manage Facebook Group Notifications

  • From this point, you can choose to turn off any one of the following notifications:
    • All Posts: You can turn off notifications for every post made by group members.
    • Highlights: You can turn off notifications for posts and suggestions from your friends.
    • Friend’s Posts: You can turn off notifications for posts that your friends create.
    • Off: No notifications will be sent to you when members of the group post.
  • You can also choose to turn off the Members request notifications option. After making the changes, click the Save button to save the settings.

Change Facebook Group Notification Settings

Note: When you join a group, its notification setting will automatically be set to Highlights. Also, anytime you want to turn on notifications for Facebook group, follow the same steps but enable them instead of disabling the options.

2] Manage Facebook Group Notification from Facebook Settings

If you want to turn off Group notifications for all the Facebook groups you are part of, you can do that via Facebook settings. So, follow the steps given below to manage Facebook Group notifications via Facebook settings:

  • Click the hamburger menu on your profile, select the Settings & privacy option, and click the Settings option.

Choose Facebook Setings & Privacy

Choose Facebook Setings

  • Click the Notifications option on the left pane under Preferences.

Choose Facebook Notification Settings

  • Scroll down and expand the Groups option on the right. In this section, you can turn off each group you are a part of. This section is helpful when you belong to multiple groups and wish to manage them all in one location.

Choose Groups Notification on Facebook

  • Click the group you wish to mute and select the radio button next to All posts to turn off the notifications from the chosen group. Repeat the steps for other groups.

Turn Off Group Notification For All Group Posts

  • If you have enabled group notifications via Email or SMS, you can toggle both options off to stop receiving Facebook group notifications.

Turn Off Facebook Group Notification via Email SMS

It will turn off group notifications Facebook, but there is no way to turn off group chat on Facebook except that you can choose to mute it.

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3] How to Turn off Group Chat Notifications Facebook

While the steps explain how to mute, you can always follow the opposite to turn on notifications for a Facebook group

Desktop App:

  • Open a group chat.
  • Click and then click Mute Notifications.
  • Choose how long you’d like to mute the chat and click Confirm.


  • From Chats, hover over a group chat.
  • Click and then click Mute notifications.
  • Choose to mute message notifications, call notifications, or both.
  • Choose how long you’d like to mute the chat, then click Mute.

It will stop group messages on Facebook, but you can manually go to messages and check.

Control Notifications on Facebook

So, making simple changes to your Facebook and group settings can help you mute notifications for all the messages you get on Facebook group chats. You can also turn off Facebook group notifications you receive via E-mails and SMS. As mentioned above, you can turn off all the messages and notifications you receive or just highlights or posts. You can customize how you want to receive these Facebook group notifications by following the methods given in the article.


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