How to turn off messages from Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are amazing way to get suggestions from friends specially when you are involved in a group where only selected users are included. Now if the group increases in size so will the questions and responses. By default Facebook group sends you notifications about each post made  and appear as Chat message when you log into your Facebook account.

Now imagine if you have joined 10 groups like this ? It will be a nightmare unless you live in Facebook.  Good thing is Facebook Group come along with nice settings which helps you get rid of such clutter. Lets have a look

Settings for Facebook group

When to get notified from Facebook group :

  • You can choose notifications from options : For every question asked, for only your friends in the group or the posts which you have subscribed. To subscribe you need to visit the Group, select the question and click on the subscribe link which is at the end of the question or post.
  • Tech Bloggers QuestionsAs soon as you click on subscribe, the link changes to UnSubscribe which you can click to stop notification from that post.
  • If you want to completely turn off notification from that group, just uncheck the option Email Notifications to :

Chat message Settings from Facebook group :

Facebook group messages can also appear as Chat messages right next to the regular chat of your Facebook. If you have disabled email or sms notification from a Facebook  group,  Chat messages can be useful.  You get number over the chat message which shows how many conversations took place and clicking on that will take you to the Facebook group.

Tech Bloggers Chat messages

Groups on Home Page navigation :

If you have decided not to receive notifications and chat messages from a Facebook group, system allows you to keep the link on your home page navigation.  It appears with rest of the groups on the left sidebar.This will be like a reminder to you that you are a part of the group you can check sometimes.

Sadly this can also be controlled to make it disappear for ever or appear sometimes. If you choose the former, I would actually suggest one to leave the group because chances are he or she will forget about it, sooner or later.

Facebook Group on HomePage Nivagation


Overall Facebook allows you to control almost every aspect of Facebook group you join as a non admin.You have clear control over the notifications which for many are distractions and for some are useful resource.

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