How to uninstall toolbars from IE, Firefox and Chrome in one go

Toolbars are the browser add-ons, and in most cases people just don’t like them at all, of course there are exceptions. There are toolbars we want in our browsers, but most of them get installed either by little carelessness and some of them get installed forcefully without users will. No doubt you can uninstall them later manually, or just disable them. We hate toolbars for the following reasons –

  • They make the browser window look messy
  • They cut down on the window size while viewing a webpage
  • Also some toolbars have been found to steal your private data as well.
  • Toolbars often slow down the browser speed.

How about a way to quickly get rid of unwanted Toolbars and even the BHOs (Browser Helper Object (BHO) is a DLL module designed as a plugin for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser to provide added functionality), Toolbar Cleaner is an awesome free utility, designed especially to make your browsers free from any unwanted toolbars and BHOs, Toolbar Cleaner allows you to keep the ones you want to have installed in your browser.

Simply download and install the Toolbar Cleaner (size of setup file is less than 1MB), and when launched, the Toolbar Cleaner shows you the complete list of Toolbars installed on Firefox, Chrome and IE, also you get a complete list of BHOs installed on your IE, as shown below –

How to uninstall toolbars from IE, Firefox and Chrome in one go

For some reason, it displays all the extensions for the Chrome, like as you can see in the above snapshot, here we get to see only the toolbars and BHOs for the Firefox and the Internet Explorer, whereas in case of Chrome its displaying almost all the extensions installed in the browser, but that’s not going to hamper what this application claims to do, instead you can also use it as your Chrome extension manager.

Simply use the checkbox to select the toolbars you want to uninstall, later use the ‘Remove Selected Toolbar(s)/BHO(s)’ button to get rid of the unwanted toolbars, BHOs and extensions (in case of Chrome) as well.

So, if you too are fed up of a slow browser, and hate seeing those toolbars, try the Toolbar Cleaner, and tell us via comments if it really helped you gaining a better browser performance.

Download Toolbar Cleaner

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