How to Update Apps in Windows 11/10

In Windows, it is essential to keep your apps updated to benefit from new features and maintain security. Updating your PC’s apps improves the functionality by adding new features, fixing bugs, and installing security upgrades. In this post, we will share how you can update apps in Windows.

How to Update Apps in Windows 11/10

Every update procedure includes different steps, regardless of whether you update non-Microsoft Store or Microsoft Store apps. So, let us move on to the complete instructions for each approach to guarantee that your apps are constantly updated.

  1. How to Update Apps on The Microsoft Store
  2. How to Allow Microsoft Store Automatic Updates
  3. How to Update Third-Party Apps

1] How to Update Apps on The Microsoft Store

If your software or apps were downloaded from the Microsoft Store, you can use the Store app to update all the apps together or separately. Let us see how:

  • Open the Microsoft Store app on your Windows PC.

Open Micrtosoft Store on PC

  • Click the Library option on the left pane.

Update the Apps in Store

  • Click the Get updates button to check for apps that need updating. You can choose specific apps that need updating, or you can choose to update all apps by clicking the Update all button to update all the apps at once.

Wait for the Store to finish downloading and installing your app updates. You can then open your apps after that is finished.

2] How to Allow Microsoft Store Automatic Updates

Microsoft Store can update your applications automatically. You can enable this feature via the Microsoft Store. Let us see how:

  • Open the Microsoft Store, click your profile icon, and select the Settings option from the context menu.

Open Settings in Microsoft Store

  • Toggle the button next to the Apps updates option under Settings. This will enable the apps in the Microsoft Store to be automatically updated.

Enable App Updates in Store

Although it is advised to keep the option enabled, you can permanently disable it to stop the Store from automatically updating apps if you feel it consumes too much internet on a metered connection.

3] How To Update Third-Party Apps

Various apps were released in the Store after Microsoft changed its policies to make it more attractive to software developers. Though not every app is offered through the Microsoft Store, they have distinct update processes.

While some apps allow you to check for updates via their settings page, others require you to physically download the package from the app support website before you can install the update.

So here, we are taking the image editor app PicPick as an example to show you how to update it:

  • Open the PicPick app and click the File tab at the top left corner.Open File Tab on PicPick
  • Click the About option on the left pane and click the Check for updates button. Click Yes when prompted.

Check For Updates on PicPick App

The app will navigate you to its official website, where you can download updates for the app directly.


To sum up, updating applications in Windows 11/10 is a simple procedure that guarantees you are taking advantage of the newest features and enhanced security. Using the Microsoft Store or the app’s inbuilt update feature can help keep your apps updated and your system safe.

Always create a backup of your PC’s data before updating the apps to avoid data loss. By updating your apps regularly, you can enhance user experience and take proactive measures to safeguard your digital environment. Thus, enjoy the best of your apps while staying safe and updated.


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